Irritant Talks About Irritant

Joe Lieberman:

"I've told them that I can't support a trigger--no, actually, to be more explicit: If they say that it's unlikely to be [pulled] then it's unnecessary," Lieberman said. "It's an irritant. And I keep saying to my colleagues: the underlying bill, that I would say 60 of us in the caucus support, that is, the parts that we support in the underlying bill, are so full of progress--let's get that done, and stop trying to squeeze in things that some of us, respectfully, just won't accept."

So even if the trigger is fool proof, he will filibuster the bill. Because of this one thing. Has anyone ever asked the conservadems if they've ever voted for a bill that's not 100 percent acceptable to them? Or how about bills that aren't deficit neutral? Like the war supplementals.

Yeah, it doesn't matter. This has nothing to do with Lieberman hating the public option that much. It has everything to do with Lieberman protecting Aetna and pissing on progressives. Rat bastard.