Is Homeland Security Coordinating the OWS Evictions?


They're not.

Angry Black Lady and Karoli provide sufficient debunking of this ridiculous rumor being spread by the histrionic Naomi Wolf (not the Shock Doctrine Naomi, the End of America Naomi) and Michael Moore who each insist the federal government is coordinating the nationwide evictions of Occupy encampments.

Naomi Wolf called this "the first battle in a civil war."

Yeah okay.

But there's no credible source for any of their assertions. It's just rumor-mongering for the sake of feeding an ongoing narrative from certain members of the progressive movement to demonize the Obama administration.

  • I would also like to see affirmative evidence for Naomi Wolf’s claims before I believe them. But why hasn’t the administration denied the claims? At the very least it shows a dismissive posture on the part of the President in regards to the very real problems highlighted by the Occupy protests. On the other hand, the President’s silence could be taken as evidence of complicity.

  • Guest

    I suppose I’m touchy about clarification on this because the rumors presented as fact on this particular topic are fairly well rampant and idiotic, and should be clarified every time they pop up.

    nicole473, all I can say is that the secretary of homeland security in Washington has the authority to advise not just the president but any elected local or national official in the country. And whenever the president declares a national emergency all local elected officials must do whatever is in the emergency declaration. And they have resources to carry out those orders. Occupy Wall Street protests are not a national emergency. That doesn’t mean that some asshole mayors won’t use back channels to use their local homeland security resources to put down legal protests.

  • Terypat

    I find it interesting that the Obama loyalist will not even entertain the idea that Homeland Security didn’t at the very least give some friendly advice to the mayors if they came calling. Oakland’s mayor stated (as fact, I assume) there was indeed a conference call among mayors across the country. Why is the denial so strong that there may have been a representative from Homeland Security in on that call?

    The Obama loyalist have become exactly like the Bush loyalists – their leader and his administration can do no wrong.

    I will not be so foolish as to discount this story entirely. After all the OWS movement has put the skids somewhat on how Washington, DC does business. One example being is how the words “income inequality” have finally made it into MSM dialogue. Heck, Eric Cantor and that congressman from Wisconsin who spends $300 on a bottle of wine with dinner, has even uttered the phrase. The “planned” narrative for the past eight weeks was supposed to be about Obama’s Super Committee. Isn’t it too bad that didn’t work out and the media was forced to report on something else?

    • Did you bother to read any of the linked posts? Or would that have made it to difficult to make the point you wanted to make regardless: “Obots!”

      Had you read at least Karoli’s piece, you would have read this:

      Truth: We don’t know. It isn’t completely out of the realm of possibility for mayors to consult with DHS. After all, that’s what they’re there for. To help local and state governments deal with threats, real, rumored or perceived. At best, one can conclude that maybe they did, and maybe they didn’t coordinate, and if they did coordinate, no one knows to what extent they did or whether there was any sort of “blessing” and/or mandate from DHS to what they ultimately chose to do”

      We don’t know. Neither do Moore or Wolf or the dolt who wrote the original piece, but THEY report it as fact.

      The only loyalty should be to facts.

      You say: “One example being is how the words “income inequality” have finally made it into MSM dialogue. ”

      And now its all about ows vs the police. Income inequality has all bu disappeared from the dialogue.

      • Guest

        Municipal officials such as mayors don’t need to consult with the department of homeland security. Every municipal public health department has a person who acts as a liason to every state department of homeland security. These people at the state level coordinate with the department of homeland security in Washington.

        These people who act as liasons are not municipal employees. They are state employees. Their job is to coordinate first responders in any kind of an emergency and they take their marching orders from the secretary of homeland security in Washington. So basically they get paid big bucks to sit around bored out of their mind, travel to conferences, and once in a while do actual work. So if anyone was coordinating anything it was these homeland security liasons. However I believe that certain mayors probably initiated some kind of dialogue among themselves to get advice from their homeland security liasons on how to deal with the Occupy Wall Street protestors.

        • I believe that certain mayors probably initiated some kind of dialogue among themselves to get advice from their homeland security liasons on how to deal with the Occupy Wall Street protestor

          There is absolutely ZERO evidence of ANY federal involvement, with the exception of an occupation in Portland OR, where the protesters occupied federal land.

          I am not saying it isn’t possible, only that there is no evidence.

          Looks like another long, cold night for the hardy group of Occupy Portland protesters chained to a barrel, and each other, in Terry Schrunk Plaza—and probably another long day, too. And maybe even a few days. Maybe. Stephanie Kenitzer, the spokeswoman for the federal General Services Administration—one of the agencies with jurisdiction over Schrunk—sent me a short-but-sweet statement on the federal government’s decision (this time) to not call in the Portland police and clear the park.

          GSA will continue working closely with the Federal Protective Service and Portland Police Department to assess the situation on an ongoing basis. The safety and protection of the general public, federal employees and property will be the criteria for evaluating any decisions relating to the enforcement of the park’s curfew and the permitting process.

          Naturally, I called her back to see what else she might say—and whether this was the federal government’s obscure way of saying that, hey, so long as there’s not an exodus from Chapman and Lownsdale squares, live and let live. She said the GSA is taking the decision “one day at a time,” and again stressed that “health and safety” issues would continually be monitored.
          All standard stuff, until the guard slipped a bit. “We want to allow the protest to keep going,” she said. “That’s the American way.”

          Via The Mercury (Portland), emphasis mine.

          • Guest

            I am not saying it isn’t possible, only that there is no evidence.

            Of course there isn’t. The department of homeland security liasons working in municipal public health departments have been thoroughly screened with FBI security clearances. And they work at the pleasure of the secretary of homeland security. If any of the liasons even give the impression that they leaked any sensitive information, they are looking for anther job.

          • Than what is your belief that HR HS is involved based on, Dilden? General distrust of authority?

          • Guest

            I never said that the federal department of homeland security was directly involved in suppressing Occupy Wall Street protests. I said people who work at the state level in local public health departments but take orders from the federal department of homeland security were probably advising mayors on how to deal with the protestors. These local liasons are at the beck and call of the elected local public officials.

            If you dare, check out this link. I did. Notice how many states have a department of homeland security? It’s no accident. Some people will say that my computer is now infected with a key logger. All I can say to them is, “get a life.”


          • @dilden

            dilden, this is what you said, and what I am responding to:

            I believe that certain mayors probably initiated some kind of dialogue among themselves to get advice from their homeland security liasons

            I suppose I’m touchy about clarification on this because the rumors presented as fact on this particular topic are fairly well rampant and idiotic, and should be clarified every time they pop up.

      • The only loyalty should be to facts.


    • A completely anonymous emoprog troll. How incredibly novel.

  • missliberties

    Can we start a campaign to inform these people that they are entering into paranoid delusional territory? Keith O and Mikey Moore. We are talking to you?

    Can’t we at least appeal to Keith to debunk this ludicrous idiotic nonsense.

    Besides that they are hijacking the OWS movement and turning it into the police vs us.
    Super stupid.

    • ranger11

      I stopped watching Keith a while ago. What a waste of a “serious” newspersons career. Isn’t Wolf the one who semi-messed up Gore’s campaign with the Earth Tones nonsense?

      • missliberties

        Never heard of earth tones or paid much attention to Naomi Wolf.

        What is obvious is that the ‘looney’ left has earned it’s nick name.

        As a pragmatist, IF I were to engage in conspiracy theories, it would be hard for me not to wonder if these goofy folks aren’t getting paid, or at minimum encouraged by the opposition.

        I guess we could say this is progress, because I never knew so many whackos posed a threat to an honest discussion of real liberalism and it’s benefits.

        How does liberalism benefit, when a bunch of people camp in tents, don’t have bathrooms, create disturbances, and blame Obama for overseeing a police state. !!! Super stupid.

  • mrbrink

    This passes the point of no return. You don’t get to accuse the Obama administration of suppressing democracy with conspiracy theories and come back as a credible witness, integrity in tact.

    It’s a pity and a waste of resources using so many words calling bullshit on bullshit. Karoli, ABL, and a few others have rightfully turned it into a thorough education.

    I’m disappointed in the quality of Obama-dissent.

    But the signal is airborne. Done and done. No backsies! Consider this a villainous mustache to add to the character composite sketch.

  • dildenusa

    This has more to do with Mayor Boomberg of New York City than it does with anything else. That guy is really scum. He has no shame at all.

    The financial whiz kids of the last 30 years with their Harvard MBAs who gave us the exotic financial derivatives that allowed securitazation (CDO, CDS, interest rate swaps) and then told us that they made it easier for impoverished working class and senior citizens to get credit are Mayor Boomberg’s heros here. Never mind that the long term unemployment rate is at the highest it’s been in 75 years. He is one of those behind attempting to silence Occupy Wall Street protestors. Possibly even organizing the coordination of smashing down OWS with mayors of other large cities.

    • I’m not saying I doubt you — in fact, I’m inclined to believe — but based on the topic of this blog post, some documentation would not be amiss. 🙂

      • Facts matter. Therefore, documentation matters. Speculation should be noted as such. 🙂

  • Marianna76

    It’s THE BIG LIE. Goebbels must be loving this some place.

  • What the hell ever happened to journalistic integrity?!

    Adding….. This is what you do when you make an error in reporting something that is a BFD.

  • Dorothy Rissman

    I saw a video of her on twitter talking at a Ron Paul teabag event. Stirring up more hatred for PBO.

  • JMAshby

    I’ve been meaning to get going on that tinfoil hat startup business.

    • Dorothy Rissman

      I would be happy to buy one.

    • You might need some turkey pans to accommodate those with swelled heads.

  • Firebaggers are every bit as willfully indifferent to the difference between truth and falsity as teabaggers. Firebaggers simply DON’T CARE what’s true and what’s not. All they care about is how much they hate Obama. Just. Like. Teabaggers.

    • villemar

      Amen. I don’t know what it is about Obama that drives both Baggers to such monomaniacal obsessive derangement. And I don’t remember the Naderites being *this* froth-at-the-mouth batshit over Gore or Clinton. Hmmm…what could it be??

      • Nothing makes me angrier than this bullshit lying, especially coming from the left. It’s one thing to make a mistake, but not to publicly acknowledge it, to print a retraction or to further investigate and provide proof of your assertions, is just plain damn hackery, and in my view, it makes them just as bad as the right.

      • Dorothy Rissman

        You make an excellent point. Both social groups abhor him. It is strange they don’t even notice how completely fraudulent it is. He is Hitler to the teabaggers and a staunch republican trying to destroying the USA by the far left.

        • villemar

          Just the level of monomaniacal obsession. The GOP and Fox and all of them have made it their entire raison d’etre that Obama is the Antichrist and the only job they have and the only job of “Real” Americans is to remove President Obama from power at the exclusion of everything else. I love PBO and even I get sick of hearing his name 1,000 times a day in angry conspiratorial tones. I just find it stunning that the PL has adopted this exact. same. narrative. It must be every good Progressives job to remove President Obama from power at the exclusion of everything else. Repeat how Antichristy Obama is 1,000 times a day. Surely a Perfect Progressitopia will spring into being once we remove the sole obstacle from that vision, Barack Hitler OHitlermba.

          • Dorothy Rissman

            Makes perfect sense to me. I hope I live long enough to see how history deals with this drama.

  • villemar

    BTW, this Shoq tweet made me laugh:!/Shoq/status/140451048463671297

  • villemar

    OK Naomi. Go John Brown (Galt). Roll up! Let’s see what you got.