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Is Our Children Learning?

The idea that children in America may be given textbooks with sections that have been redacted with a black marker is embarrassing.

A school district in Arizona will remove two pages from a high school textbook that mention birth control and abortion, following pressure from a conservative Christian group that argued the sections violate a state law requiring schools to advocate for childbirth. It will up to each school to decide whether they want to rip out the page or use marker to censor the passage.

Wide availability of birth control is a deterrent against unwanted pregnancies and abortion, but apparently state law requires that biology textbooks be censored because school materials must “present childbirth and adoption as preferred options to elective abortion.”

  • muselet


    “The law does not mandate that students be deprived of information regarding abortion and contraception,” the [ACLU] pointed out in [a] letter, noting the legislation was supposed to apply to sexual education courses rather than science books.

    A state Department of Education official agreed, telling the board in an email that the textbook doesn’t necessarily violate the 2012 law. “The mere mention of a means of medically inducing abortion does not automatically signal a lack of preference for childbirth and adoption,” the official wrote. “The responsibility lies with the teacher to provide context for the student.”

    The goobers on the Gilbert Public School Board deserve to be pelted with garbage for even considering the objections of the Orwellian-named Alliance Defending Freedom.

    Arizona—with apologies to the good people who live there—proves Kent Brockman‘s point.


  • j hentai

    they could have the kids of pre-reading age “colour in” the forbidden pages.