Is That How That Works?

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Missouri state Representative Robert Ross (R) has introduced a bill that, well, just read for yourself:

House Bill 2610 proposes that an elected representative who serves at least two years in the Missouri House or Senate shall qualify to practice law in the state of Missouri.

And don’t think we’re just talking about drafting wills and finalizing estates. Ross’s bill would enable ex-legislators to don a judge’s robe in any circuit court in Missouri.

Under Ross's bill, legislators could practice law without knowing anything at all about the law. Legislators would not be required to take the state bar exam or even have a degree.

What could go wrong?

  • Georgie

    Politicians = Lawyers, hmm…

  • muselet

    Robert Ross is withdrawing his bill from consideration for reasons that are incoherent at best. If you can make sense of his press release, please enlighten me.



    And people who watch either House, Chicago Hope or Marcus Welby, MD, for a minimum of two seasons, shall qualify to practice medicine.

  • Toolymegapoopoo

    I’ve flown in planes for thousands of hours. I must be a pilot!

  • ninjaf

    Why is this even a thing? Is it easy to launder kickback money through an attorney’s office as “client billing” or something?

    This just makes no sense.

  • The ABA won’t let this happen. At least, I hope they won’t.