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Is Trump Functionally Illiterate or Blind?

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Here's Trump referring to pictures of what is obviously a fence as a "wall."

Not only is this not a wall, it's not even a new fence. This is a replacement for an existing section of fence that was first built in 2006 under President Bush. The construction of a replacement fence was first approved in 2009 under President Obama. The omnibus spending bill signed last week included the funds to replace the fence, not to build Trump's wall.

Having a president who is demonstrably idiotic sucks but, on the other hand, if he truly believes his wall is being built maybe he'll finally shut the fuck up.

Nah, probably not.

  • muselet

    Steve Benen this morning wondered the same thing:

    … I remain curious about whether Trump is fully aware of the deception. Did he genuinely believe those pictures were proof of his beloved wall taking shape, in which case he’s alarmingly confused, or did he hope to pull a fast one on the public, in which case he was brazenly dishonest?

    I’m honestly not sure which explanation is more alarming.


    • ninjaf

      Ironically, both are probably true. He likely started out trying to pull a fast one and then believed his own BS and now takes it as gospel that his wall is being built.

  • Aynwrong

    Trump really believed he would just walk up to the border and then…

  • gescove

    The answer to your question: Yes.

  • Georgie

    trump also thinks Amazon is using the US Postal Service and causing tremendous loss to the U.S., the guy is a moron.