Issa Tells Cummings He Should Know His Place


Last week Democrats on the Oversight Committee gathered and released legal opinion which clearly demonstrated Darrell Issa compromised his own ability to gather information when he abruptly walked out of the committee interview with Lois Lerner.

Issa responded to their clear and concise legal analysis on Friday by outright dismissing it, but he didn’t stop there.

The California Republican also suggested that Cummings has impeded committee investigations out of loyalty to the White House and other Democrats.

“Even though the White House helped orchestrate your ascension to ranking member, I have encouraged, and continue to encourage, you to subordinate your political loyalties to the institutional interests of the committee and the House, especially in cases like this where obstructing the committee’s work risks permanently disadvantaging Congress in its interactions with the executive branch,” he added.

The arrogance just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

Issa couldn’t be more blunt unless he called Representative Elijah Cummings (R-MD) an affirmative action representative who should know his place. That’s exactly how this reads.

And if anyone has ‘permanently disadvantaged’ Congress or the Oversight Committee, it’s Darrell Issa.

Issa’s leaking of partial or misleading transcripts or partial reports to the media recently led the White House to conclude that giving Issa any information they aren’t required to give him would be a bad idea because who knows what he will do with it?

Actually, we do know what he’ll do with it. He’ll chop it up and leak it to Fox News or ABC who will run the story without so much as interviewing other members of the Oversight Committee who may be able to provide greater context.

Issa is the most unethical man in Congress and if anyone should know his place, it’s him.

That’s putting it nicely.

(h/t David Benowitz)