“it is not very serious”

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Trump regime officials said "all is well" and that no American troops were injured when Iran launched a retaliatory missile attack against Al-Asad air base in Iraq, but Defense One first reported last week that at least eleven service members were transported out of Iraq for treatment of traumatic brain injuries.

Officials announced this morning that an undisclosed number of service members have been transported for treatment in addition to those transported last week, but don't worry -- Trump says it's "not very serious" because they just have "headaches."

In a statement on Wednesday, U.S. Central Command said that more troops had been flown out of Iraq to Germany for medical evaluations following Iran’s Jan. 8 missile attack on the base where U.S. forces were stationed after announcing the 11 injuries last week.

Further injuries may be identified in the future, it added, without giving further details. [...]

On Wednesday, Trump declined to explain the discrepancy.

“I heard that they had headaches and a couple of other things, but I would say and I can report it is not very serious,” Trump told a news conference in Davos, Switzerland.

The White House declaring that no troops were injured then quietly transporting more than a dozen service members to treat their injuries is the sort of thing that should prompt congressional hearings.

It's possible the Trump regime's official position, or at least Trump's position, is that brain injuries aren't real injuries and that itself raises a lot of questions.

For example, if the White House claimed no one was injured in this attack because they don't consider brain injuries to be real injures, how many other incidents and attacks have led to traumatic brain injures that were downplayed or never disclosed in the first place?

There was a time when the National Football League (NFL) did not consider brain injuries to be real injuries and it led to a $1 billion settlement with former players. And not coincidentally, Trump has regularly attacked the NFL at his campaign rallies for taking steps to prevent concussions and brain injuries.

This may reflect Trump's own insecurity about the dubious health of his own brain that he projects on others by implying that brain injures aren't real.

  • notanncoulter

    not as serious as a bone spur, that’s the one thing we need to know.

  • But Trump LOVES the troops!!!

  • muselet

    I think it’s more likely Donald Trump was just doing some wannabe-macho posturing (“We killed their general, but they made some little holes in the ground.”) after the Qasem Soleimani assassination. He continues to downplay the effects of the Iranian reprisal because if concussion is a serious injury (it is), he didn’t win! decisively enough.

    As for the NFL, Trump is still nursing a grudge against the league from nearly forty years ago, when then-commissioner Pete Rozelle vowed Trump would never own an NFL franchise. It’s best not to read much more into his anti-NFL rants.

    And no, Trump doesn’t think brain injuries are real injuries. That’s less because he’s insecure about his own brain (he’s not that self-aware) and more because he grew up at a time when people thought getting one’s bell rung was no big deal (and he’s disinclined to integrate new information into his worldview).