It’s None Of Your Business

Earlier this year, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey signed into law deep cuts to public education which were so heavy-handed the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled they were unconstitutional because it would render the state “unable to provide thorough and efficient” education to children.

Last week, Governor Christie appeared on a local public television show to answer questions provided by the public, and one of the (entirely justified) questions struck a nerve.

TEANECK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — “It’s none of your business.”

Those five words from Gov. Chris Christie over his children’s education have New Jersey voters in a tizzy, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer. [...]

A mom named “Gail” started the ball rolling.

“You don’t send your children to public schools. You send them to private schools, so I was wondering why you think it’s fair to be cutting funding to public schools?” the woman asked.

It was a question Christie has gotten before, but this time it seemed to have gotten under his skin.

“Hey Gail, you know what, first of all it’s none of your business. I don’t ask you where you send your kids to school. Don’t bother me where I send mine,” the governor responded.

Someone needs to change their diaper!

It doesn't matter where "Gail" sends her children to school. She's not the governor. She did not preside over the signing of deep cuts to public education which were so harsh they ended up being ruled unconstitutional.

That would not be the last time Governor Christie would be faced with the question though, as he was asked to explain himself Friday morning on the Today Show.

This morning, Today Show host Matt Lauer brought up the incident, asking, “Why isn’t it a fair question?” “Her point is completely ridiculous,” Chrisitie snapped, calling the woman “nonsensical.”

Her point is only "completely ridiculous" if you believe that "shared sacrifice" means those at the top should be protected from any and all hardship felt by those at the bottom.

Her point is only "nonsensical" if you think the notion that rich lawmakers are far too insulated from the heavy-handed spending cuts they sign into law is unfounded.

That too would not be the last time Governor Christie would be given a chance to explain himself and apologize. Here he is again today.

While on Meet the Press today, Christie was asked if this was an appropriate way to respond to a constituent. Christie said that it “damn right" was.

For the record -- Christie does in fact send his kids to private school, and just a few weeks ago he took a state helicopter to go to his son's baseball game.

This man will never be president.

  • I feel badly that this woman’s children are stuck in public schools…that’s why we need vouchers. That way, every child can go to private schools.

  • ” This man will never be president.”

    Oooo, from your lips to God’s ears, please!!

    He is the embodiment of Rethuglican politics for NJ, and we will suffer thru him until his term is over. I would hate him, but so far he hasn’t really done anything so totally unexpected that i can generate a good hate. I am resigned to the same level of distaste I have for any pol who cuts taxes on the super rich and then cites budget concerns to screw kids out of school programs.

    But the thought that he might transition to national politics is terrifying.

  • trgahan

    Gov. Christie’s statement is another glaring piece of evidence that there are two Americas (and people actively working to increase separation between the two). We had a lot of this “I don’t have to explain myself to you!” from Washington during the last administration. Now, it’s rampant in most state legislatures and governor’s houses.
    The worst joke of all is that almost 50% of the losing side blindly supports the winning side because it honestly believes, one day, they will be allowed to win too. “Of course I don’t want the rich taxed more, because I’m going to be rich too…some day. What do you mean my medical insurance premiums just went up 20%?!?”
    People want to know where American is going? Think Las Vegas. It will only be as good as you can afford.

  • likala

    edited to move up there where disqus didn’t want to put it 🙂

  • holyreality

    What a sack of shit, the questioner cares not about your “personal decision” on how you treat your kids. The question was about how you shit on everyone else’ kids.

    This GOP, “Oh Lookie, I’m a victim”, gambit to dodge a legitimate question that turns it around, and then the lady asking is automatically the bad guy, works only when television talking heads allow that shit to fly.

    I liked Maher’s potshot that this fat ass should be on twinkie packages like the new smokers warnings.

  • laddieluv

    What a flaming, arrogant, tub ‘o fatass lard!

    Retired teacher here. Woman’s question was relevant. Should have been answered with respect. A characteristic this hulking slug doesn’t possess.

    Who the fuk does this raging slob think he is?

    I’m still wondering how they fit Chrispy Chreme in one ‘effing helicopter?

    His butt alone needs to apply for statehood.

    (Hate him, btw.)

    And no. I don’t feel better after my small/petty rant.

    Wanna’ smash his face in. (Isn’t that what Kathleen Turner says to Michael Douglas in “War of the Roses.” HA!)

    • Sorry on statehood, but the last thing the Senate needs is two more senators representing Christie’s butt.

    • incredulous72

      “I’m still wondering how they fit Chrispy Chreme in one ‘effing helicopter?”


  • Robert Scalzi

    I guess calling for Fat Hitler to do away w/ himself is Too much for this blog ??…how HuffPo of you. It may be over the top but I really wish that all the teapubs would do themselves in. the current teapub party is anti american and treasonous and I wish nothing but hardship and death for them all.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Here’s a fun stroll down memory lane. Remember the field day republicans had when the Obamas announced they were sending Sasha and Malia to private school? Or even further back, when the Clintons send Chelsea to private school.

    I guess it’s only “none of your business” when a republican sends their kids to private school.

    • incredulous72

      “I guess it’s only “none of your business” when a republican sends their kids to private school.”

      And simultaneously guts the public education system in their state.

    • likala

      The Obama’s wanted to send their girls to public school just as they did in Chicago but the SS said no.

      Of course the Repugs and lamestream media knew that but it didn’t stop them one little bit from having that field day.

      Apparently the President has no business that’s “none of their business.”

  • Zen Diesel

    What an AssClown, so much for fairness and civility

  • muselet

    “To think that, as the governor, you don’t understand every cut that you make and the effects it has on people, is nonsensical.”

    Governor, no one has accused you of not understanding the effects of the cuts. People have accused you of not caring about the effects of the cuts. Big difference.

    DAVID GREGORY: Should the chief executive speak to people that way?
    CHRIS CHRISTIE: Damn’ right, he should.

    Only if he’s an arsehole.

    This man will never be president.

    Hope you’re right, Ashby.


  • dildenusa

    “This man will never be president.”

    That’s absolutely true. But he is the chauffeur of the clown car while Romney and Bachmann throw orange peels at him.

  • JackDaniel07

    FatJesus mad when FatJesus hungry

    • incredulous72

      I just spit up my lunch on that. LOL!