President Obama

It's Not Bipartisanship

by Lee Stranahan

The press and Obama's critics left and right keep throwing about the word Bipartisanship. Maybe Obama's used it but it's not something I recall.

Our President seems to have the same view on politics as he does on foreign policy - show basic respect and listen. Be open to good ideas but maintain and state your own principles clearly. Then do the right thing after you've confirmed that what you're doing IS the right thing. That's not bipartisanship, exactly but it IS the opposite of BushCo's 'don't listen, don't change your mind, don't admit mistakes, and make LOTS of f-cking mistakes' operative philosophy.

So, I'm open to the idea that birth control doesn't fit neatly into a stimulus package. It's a stretch. Good idea, we should do it, probably the wrong bill. And I'm not opposed to business tax cuts with the goal of creating jobs; it's one way to use the tax code to shape the market. On the other hand, if birth control were in the bill and business tax cuts came out....that's fine, too.

The nature of politics is compromise. That's reality. But saying what Obama is in favor of is 'bipartisanship' isn't accurate. His agenda is progressive. Calling it bipartisan is like saying talking to Cuba would make us half communist.