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James Comey Used Personal Email While Investigating Clinton’s Use of Personal Email

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

The inspector general of the Justice Department has released their report on the FBI's conduct during the 2016 election and it says what we already knew it was going to say.

Previous reports said the inspector general would say former FBI director James Comey was "insubordinate" to former Attorney General Loretta Lynch when he broke protocol and notified Congress that was he was reopening the investigation of Hillary Clinton's emails. Today's official report confirms that.

The inspector general's report did tell us one thing we didn't know: James Comey was using a personal email address to conduct official business while investigating Hillary Clinton's use of a personal email address to conduct official business.

He even deleted the fucking emails!

The DOJ inspector general’s report released on Thursday found that Comey’s use of a personal Gmail address was “inconsistent” with FBI policy. Comey, however, did not use his personal email to handle any classified information, the report said.

Comey told investigators he used his laptop and personal email when he needed “to word process an unclassified [document] that was going to be disseminated broadly,” like a speech or an email to the whole organization, according to the report. His aide told investigators that Comey routinely deleted all emails from his Gmail account, and cleared the deleted messages folder as well.

“I had two phones ― a personal phone and a government phone,” Comey told investigators. He said he used his own personal laptop for unclassified work, and said he saw no issues with using a personal laptop and personal email. Asked if his use of a personal email and personal device was in line with FBI regulations, Comey said he didn’t know, but had the “sense” it was OK.

Russia, if you're listening, I hope you find those emails James Comey deleted.


  • muselet

    It is possible to think both that James Comey was very much in the wrong with his unnecessary and inflammatory letter about Hillary Clinton and that his firing was an outrageous act.

    As for his using his private email account, while I appreciate the irony, it’s pretty meaningless. It may have been inconsistent with FBI policy, but it is consistent with the way most everyone has come to use their email accounts.

    Expect Righty media to spend the next week puffing up the more spectacular-sounding conclusions of the IG’s report and lying about the rest.


    • Yep. They know their base won’t read the report (Trump himself certainly can’t/won’t) so they’ll just straight up lie about what it says. Trump has already said that it proves that the top levels at the FBI worked against him. Despite that the FBI gave him the White House.

  • Victor the Crab

    I know everyone with a brain and some decency should feel sorry for James Comey over the way Drumpf treated him and ultimately shit canned him. FUCK THAT!!! James Comey received karma over the way he handled the entire Hillary affair that ultimately gave Drumpf the White House. There will be a special place in Hell awaiting him because of his actions.

  • Aynwrong

    Fuck everything.

  • katanahamon

    Thre was such a delicate balance of BS happening, any one thing like the Comey interference, Bernie’s prolongation of his campaign and attacks on Hillary, foreign interference, any one of those things had it been absent we might have had an entirely different outcome. I am however very very sick of the double standard of investigating Hillary and holding her to ethical standards, meanwhile Rump is cashing in on the White House, treating our allies like crap, sucking up to dictators, ruining our economy, and being investigated by numerous and varied federal and state entities for crimes such as “persistently illegal behavior” by his foundation. I seem to be asking this question in every comment I make lately, but, when the hell are going to impeach this criminal?

    • My hope is that the delay is ONLY so that Mueller can get an ironclad case against his the Orange Cheesiepoof in Chief.