Election 2016 Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush is Running for President

It looks like we’ll spend a significant portion of the next election talking about shady finance and foreign bank accounts. Again.

  • muselet

    On the one hand, the denizens of the Right fringe of the Right wing of the Republican Party—in other words, The Base—would gnaw their own legs off before they’d vote for Jeb Bush, a man who has relatively recently expressed support for Common Core and has no history of Lost Cause sympathies.

    On the other hand, it may be that Bush is hoping the party panjandrums will gravitate toward him as the safe alternative to Ben Carson or whatever other cuckoo-bird The Base prefers—a kinder, gentler Mitt Romney, if you will.

    Since the party panjandrums are currently scared spitless of The Base, the third alternative is that Bush will “actively explore the possibility of running” as a publicity stunt for his gig at BH Global Aviation.

    In any case, there’s very little chance of seeing a President Jebbie in 2016.


  • trgahan

    Sort of a not-at-all-suprising surprise. To date, he has been on the tradition career path for someone interested in running for and winning the White House.

    From an outsider perspecitive, at least in the public square he has kept his distance from
    the astroturfed, rebranded mainstream Republican Tea Party and is free of that electoral albatross unlike Cruz. He’s probably actually serious (for now) about holding office which puts him well ahead of Paul, Ryan, and the rest of the opportunistic conmen only gunning to become beltway aristocracy and not seriously seeking the Presidency. And he’ll likely return to power everyone his brother had in D.C. pre-2008, which puts quite the political machine behind him.

    And a Bush V. Clinton 2016 would definitely fuel another 2000-esque mass demotivation of progressive/undecided white professional middle and upper middle class voters, which is even more electorally valuable to Republicans than actual votes anymore. I can almost hear it now: “Bush V Clinton again?!? Both sides are the same and SUCK! I’m not voting man!”

    • JMAshby

      I boldly predict he won’t win more than a handful of primaries, if any.

      • I agree. The taint of W is still too strong for some, and the now even farther to the right Republicans won’t endorse him.

        • Christopher Foxx

          The taint of W

          Oh, you had to go and put that image in my head. I need mind bleach!

  • Jebus H. Christ. Bush v. Clinton again? No more political dynasties, please! We’re a country of over 300 million and these two families are the best we can do?!?

  • Just what we need. Another fucking Bush loser.