Joe Miller's Goons Detain News Reporter

These tea party candidates are seriously awful, awful, awful. Here's their idea of the "Constitution" in action...

Alaska Senate candidate's security guards handcuff, detain journalist at town hall meeting.

The editor of an online Alaska news site says he was handcuffed and detained by private security guards working for Republican Senate candidate at a town hall meeting.

Tony Hopfinger, editor of the online Alaska Dispatch, tells KTUU-TV that security pushed him as he tried to question Joe Miller on Sunday. He says he pushed back and that guards then detained him, accusing him of trespassing at the public event in Anchorage.

Glenn Greenwald tweeted today, "Miller's private "guards" should be investigated, and if warranted, arrested for kidnapping and assault." I couldn't agree more. This is a disgusting display of thuggery. The lengths these bastards will go in order to avoid press scrutiny.

Attention independent voters who are considering a vote for these freakdogs: caveat emptor.