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Judge Permanently Blocks Kris Kobach’s Voter Purging Scheme

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

In other good news, a judge in Kansas has issued a permanent injunction against Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach's voter purging scheme.

Judge Larry Hendricks handed down the permanent injunction on top of a temporary injunction that blocked Kobach's plans for the current election.

The ruling ensures that Kansas voters who registered at the DMV or by using the federal registration form can vote in local, state and federal elections regardless of whether they provide proof of citizenship. Kobach indicated he would appeal after the election.

“It’s not surprising. Judge Hendricks made clear where he was coming from in the hearings,” Kobach said in a phone call.

Kobach, the father of "Papers Please" anti-immigration law and adviser to GOP nominee Donald Trump, essentially tried to supersede federal law by declaring that voters who registered using federal registration forms were not eligible to vote in local elections.

Kobach should have known that's not how things work, but he is nothing if not arrogant.

Kobach can appeal the ruling, but he's going to be shot down. You can't nullify federal law.

  • muselet

    “Even when weighed against the 25 Sedgwick County individuals identified by the Defendant who attempted to register to vote over a period of 13 years, the denial of more than 18,000 individuals’ right to vote far eclipses the Defendant’s demonstrated — and undeniable — interest in a secure election,” Hendricks said.

    That such a thing has to be pointed out shows just how far down the road to madness Chris Kobach has gone (gasp shock horror nearly two unqualified people a year have tried to register to vote in Sedgwick County!). This is not and never was an effort to make certain elections in Kansas are secure. This has always been an effort to prevent certain groups from voting.

    Kobach’s inevitable appeal should be laughed out of court.


  • This guy Kobach has single handedly done more harm to civil rights in this country than Trump has even dreamed of and the majority of Americans have never even heard his name. He and ALEC have been wreaking havoc at the state legislature level for years. In order to stop the right wing’s last gasp attempts to maintain control over the country, liberals need to identify and stop people like Kris Kobach.

    PS: What’s his middle name? Kane, Kevin, Kaleb….?

    • muselet

      It is, alas, William. But there were a couple of Kaisers by that name, so …


  • ninjaf

    Still unable to win on ideas, Republicans will stop at nothing to try to put a finger on the scale in their favor.