Judges Block The Latest Bad Faith Attempts to Ban Abortion

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Sure, there's a deadly pandemic sweeping the globe but that won't stop Republican lawmakers from trying to ban abortion or, in this case, even using the pandemic to justify banning abortion.

Republican officials in multiple states have used that stay-at-home orders to ban abortion by declaring that abortion is not an "essential" service, but judges in multiple states blocked several of the bans yesterday.

The Texas lawsuit was filed last Wednesday after clinics said they were forced to cancel hundreds of appointments for abortions across the state.

Abortion providers in Ohio, Iowa, Alabama and Oklahoma filed similar litigation on Monday to block state officials from using coronavirus-related orders to limit abortion availability.

Judges in Ohio and Alabama issued orders later on Monday blocking the states from enforcing the coronavirus-related restrictions against abortion providers.

Pregnancy is both life-changing and potentially life-threatening and that actually makes it far more "essential" than most procedures especially during a deadly pandemic that has already changed life as we know it.

Pregnancy and abortion are also time sensitive and that's especially true in these same states that have imposed various time restrictions and tightened the window of legal opportunity to obtain an abortion.

The idea that abortion services will somehow materially drain critical resources during the pandemic is clearly a bad faith embellishment particularly in the state of Texas where so few clinics remain in operation and the outbreak has not become acute yet. And even in the event that Texas becomes the next epicenter of the pandemic, that wouldn't justify throwing women under the bus.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton -- who was indicted for securities fraud because he lobbied fellow lawmakers into buying phony stocks -- has already appealed the ruling.

  • muselet

    Ostensibly, the Texas state order is to, as Reuters put it,“preserve hospital beds and equipment during the pandemic.” This is nonsense, and a very specific kind of nonsense. Orders like these feed into the false claim from fetus fetishists that abortion is an unusually risky procedure (it’s not).

    Kudos to the courts for doing the right thing and blocking these abortion bans.

    My worry is the Supreme Court. There are probably enough fetus fetishists there for any anti-abortion hogwash to be given a green light.

    Abortion rights advocates have criticized the state actions as political opportunism during the pandemic.

    No foolin’.


    • Christopher Foxx

      Basic “conservative” game plan: claim the other side is doing what you’re the one actually doing.

      • muselet

        It’s always projection.


      • Draxiar

        It’s such an obvious and tired game plan…and people *still* fall for it.

        • Christopher Foxx

          Only those who want to.

          Because how else would the “own the libs”?