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JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Clay Bennett)

In other news, David Wildstein has plead guilty while Bill Baroni and Bridget Kelly have been charged in connection with the Bridgegate scandal involing the politically-motivated closure of the George Washington Bridge.

According to Wildstein's plea, there is no question that the closure was punitive.

“Did you agree with Mr. Baroni and Ms. Kelly to punish Mayor Sokolich by causing significant lane access problems,” the judge asked, staring down from the bench at Mr. Wildstein.

“Yes,” Mr. Wildstein answered.

Wildstein also admitted that the first day of school was chosen for maximum impact.

Meanwhile, 6 officers were charged today in connection with the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore.

Here's video of the press conference held by the local state's attorney where the charges were announced.

I think I'm in love.

Now I'm off to see the Avengers. Have a good weekend.

  • mrbrink

    I don’t know if love is a big enough word. Maybe hopelessly smitten. She didn’t just get by on her good looks like I do. That piercing sound you hear is the squealing chorus of 22 million racist piggies militantly crying out for plantation justice, or what they call the fraternal order of “holy shit, boys, the color guard is colored!” Conservatism’s worst nightmare: Slap Mom gets a law degree! How ya like her now, fuckers? Just as soon as they do the bags right, they’ll be back in full regalia to free their falsely accused selves. Conservatism’s probably thinking that if those people can actually arrest cops for negligence and homicide for killing a black man, they haven’t done enough to obstruct the vote and destroy local economies and the safety net. What’ll they do next? arrest those like them in the bully, torture and treason party who are, to this day, unashamedly responsible for hundreds of thousands dead and wounded now overcrowding the veterans hospitals that they’ve fiscally sabotaged?

    I now interrupt this comment to bring you this breaking, vote-suppressing poll sponsored by your friendly corporate media as a random, subtle, totally unsolicited reminder that somewhere, someone has taken a poll from the blowhard ADHD asses of spoiled Americans everywhere, in the world, and they don’t feel inspired by the 90% liberal voting record of Hillary Clinton and evidently believe that they believe that she should be more inspiring and liberal like Al Gore, or that guy who couldn’t get it done since 2009(other than getting a ton of shit done)with a right wing terrorist congress. 80% of the youth vote who stay home during mid-terms agree that Ralph Nader 2000, a “Fuck The TPP!” sign and a bust of Edward Snowden are our best chance for electoral success.

    Just wanted to say that there aren’t enough words to describe or explain what I’ve been going through this last year, coupled with a kind of electromagnetic hypersensitivity to computers and information that makes me sad has been a hell of a thing. I think this is the first thing I’ve written in almost a year. For what it’s worth, this is still my favorite place on the internment camp, I mean, internet. Just wanted to say that Ashby is still the shit and that Chris Christie is the Teflon Donut. Using kids as political pawns is all good. His former rat buddy says there’s evidence that shows his complicity and knowledge as it was occurring. Fuck em’, though, right? Hahaha! Yeah. Fuck the kids, save the Super Pacs! Another two or three friendly appearances on The Tonight Show w/Jimmy Fallon to share some chunky ego ice cream with chocolate covered shame will clear his name right up. Sharing ice cream with Jimmy Fallon and abusing Bruce Springsteen lyrics is a legal defense in idiot America nowadays.

  • gescove

    I was worried that Marilyn Mosby’s association and family ties to the police department would move her to protect the officers. Never have I been happier to be proven so wrong in my assumptions. Charges aren’t convictions, of course, but these are damn serious charges. Have we reached a turning point?

    • muselet


      The optimist in me wants to say these charges will start to change things for the better in Baltimore. The cynic in me says Marilyn Mosby’s never going to get a conviction and will lose her job as soon as her bosses can find an excuse.

      And I hope she has a thick skin, because Righty media will descend upon her in a berserker fury.


      • Scopedog

        “And I hope she has a thick skin, because Righty media will descend upon her in a berserker fury.”

        Yep. But keep in mind that she will also get it from the other side:

        We’ll see what happens. She certainly threw the book at them, and I’d say give her all the support that’s possible.

        • muselet

          Yeah, that DKos diary is … special, isn’t it? I’ll give the author ten points for updating the post, up front, and admitting he was wrong; I’ll also deduct several million points for not pulling the whole thing and admitting he was wrong.

          I suppose I should have seen something like that coming, but what a wanker.