Kansas’ New Democratic Governor Will Restore LGBT Rights

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

It's amazing what can happen when you don't elect politicians who are actively hostile to their own constituents.

Kansas Governor-elect Laura Kelly has announced that she will restore an executive order prohibiting discrimination against state employees as soon as she's sworn into office.

Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender state employees across Kansas will again have protections from on-the-job discrimination once Democrat Laura Kelly becomes governor.

Kelly on Thursday reaffirmed plans to reinstate an executive order providing a protection from discrimination that former Gov. Sam Brownback rescinded in 2015.

The order, first put in place by Democratic Gov. Kathleen Sebelius in 2007, prohibited harassment, firing or discrimination against state workers based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

In addition to this order, Kelly also says she will issue an order prohibiting adoption agencies from discriminating against LGBT couples if her lawyers determine that she has the power to do so.

Carefully considering the legal implications of an order before signing it is itself something of a departure from Republican rule. Republicans don't routinely concern themselves with legality. In fact, former Governor Sam Brownback waged a years-long campaign against the state judiciary just because the state Supreme Court ordered the state to spend more money on public education. Brownback tried to take away the state Supreme Court's power to appoint judges and then he tried to defund the entire judiciary.

Now, as you might imagine, conservative groups are losing their shit today.

The so-called Family Policy Alliance of Kansas says Laura Kelly is an "enemy of life, family and religious freedom," because nothing says life and family like telling LGBT humans that they don't deserve to live or have families.

I'm not going to waste time by rebutting these bigots in a polite, concise manner. They should just get fucked.

  • muselet

    Sam Brownback’s inhumane rescission of Kathleen Sibelius’s executive order played well with the more rabidly anti-other parts of his base, but served no obvious purpose otherwise. Good on Laura Kelly for intending to reinstate the order.

    As for the likes of the Family Policy Alliance of Kansas, no, they should absolutely not get fucked. Ever. By anyone. Wastes of carbon, the lot of ’em.


  • Victor the Crab

    Yes. Get fucked with a diseased dildo that hasn’t been washed.

  • Draxiar

    How satisfying would it be for her to say that group, “I won, he lost…get over it”…not that I think she should mind you. Still…there would be a certain rewarding and petty smugness in it…

    • Victor the Crab

      Abso – fucking – lutly!!!

  • Scopedog

    This is why voting matters. This is why the “both parties are the same!” argument is bullshit.

    And this is why anyone who sneers that not voting is cool or is an “act of civil disobedience” can go off and fuck themselves with a rusty McColluch chainsaw.

    • Victor the Crab

      Bernie Bum trolls, like Susan Sarandon – first in line, amirite S-Dog?!!.

  • katanahamon

    Was doing some research after this latest gun tragedy. In 2018, we have heard about 307 fatalities involved in “mass shootings.” What we don’t hear about are the others. 12,509. Yes, 12,509 killed. 24,289 injured. Not included in these statistics are the 22,000 suicides. You can check Gun Violence Archive. Another example of the media failing to report, and the people failing to care. The right wing is willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to defend our border from a nonexistent invasion, yet thousands are killed and injured every year in a true epidemic and absolutely nothing is done. Oh, I’m sorry, actually the right wing spends additional millions and legislates so that gun violence is actually guaranteed to continue. I’m tired of the stock report of the shocked survivors saying “this was our safe space, I can’t believe something like that could happen here.” The statistics are showing that yes, it’s very likely that “something like that” could happen, and likely will happen, it’s just..a matter..of time.

    • Badgerite

      “Thoughts and prayers”, though all well and good, do not seem to do it. A saying comes to mind. “God helps those who help themselves.”