Election 2012

Karl Rove's New Anti-Obama Ad is Predictably Deceptive

The new Crossroads GPS ad could be the most lie-packed thing to be produced by the Rove team since the justifications for invading Iraq. Seriously. Benen enumerated the lies and cynicism:

It talks about bailouts, assuming voters won't know it was Bush/Cheney that rescued Wall Street before Obama took office.

It talks about debt, assuming voters don't know Mitt Romney's agenda would raise the debt far more than Obama's agenda would.

It talks about student loans, assuming voters don't know that Obama expanded Pell Grants and Romney wants to scrap student loans altogether.

It talks about "job-killing debt," which as a policy matter, is just idiocy.

It lies about the stimulus; it lies about spending; it lies about health care.

If Obama were such a terrible failure, shouldn't his Republican critics rely on truths for their attack ads? Why make stuff up if the facts are supposed to be so damning?

Check out this piece of work for yourself. And while you're watching, imagine you're an undecided moderate voter who's not as connected to these issues as you and me.

Again, this confuses the deficit and the debt. Since when did rising debt have anything to do with jobs? Every modern president since Reagan has presided over a remarkable increase in the debt. The difference is in the federal budget deficit where President Obama has trimmed the deficit by $312 billion. The president has cut taxes, cut spending and cut the deficit. He's also created jobs and the healthcare reform bill will curb increases in costs. The stimulus rescued the economy from another Great Depression. The economy is steadily growing, jobs are being added and the Dow has doubled.

I mean, it's a total brain-scrambling lie from beginning to end. And people will believe it. They're suckers.

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    The faux intellectual trolls are my fav-O-rite

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    As I’ve said before I am just trying to provide reasonable questions or alternate perspective for the sake of real conversation.

    When reasonable (or even coarser) posts on topics and or cartoons are posted and commented on I don’t think it is crazy to expect similar or equally toned replies to be considered or at least passed over.

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    Something tells me most people in here tolerate differing opinions in a batter fashion when you walk out your front door and into public interactions. If not it will all be sorted out soon enough for the benefit of everyone regardless of ideology.

    Oh and, keep it up, you all are doing great indeed.

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      I’m not clicking a link for fucking Breitbart or Town Hall. You’ll have better luck with links to cougar sites. At least maybe I’ll learn something there.

    • you don’t know what the word “context” means, do you?

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      2+2 does = 5, for sufficiently large approximations of 2.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Here’s something else that pisses me off: Why is everyone only figuring out now that the Republican meme about Obama’s “reckless unprecedented out-of-control spending spree” is pure unrefined Grade-A bullshit? It’s taken three years for people to look out their windows and not see a shitload of new stuff being built? To not see a shitload of people going to work for the federal government? To not see a shitload of new federal programs starting up and being put into place?

    Normally, when you go out on a “spending spree,” you come home with a carload of stuff that you bought. Where’s the carload of stuff? No one’s ever been able to explain what Obama bought. The stuff they can identify wouldn’t even fill up the glove compartment.

    The answer should be obvious: We’re still paying for all the shit the last guy bought.

    These Teabaggers who say they’re “tired of the spending!” really piss me off too; how can you be “tired of” something you can’t see, hear, or feel, that you wouldn’t even be aware of if you weren’t told about it by some propagandist on TV, let alone something that isn’t actually happening?

    But now suddenly everyone is talking about how lo and behold, there’s no massive “spending spree” after all? Well, fucking DUH!!!

  • This is why we need EVERYONE who is mobile to get out and hit every single neighborhood in this country, door to door, person to person, from now until the election!

    It’s the only way we can win this fight without fighting fire with fire, and turning into lying scum ourselves.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Chez, if you’re reading this, you still think the Republicans are dying a slow death?

    • haha……..they are dying a slow death. It just won’t be fast enough to save this country from their authoritarian vision of it.

  • The Obama campaign could save a lot of time just buying ad time directly following this ad, debunking every claim.

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      Karl Rove just loves you mindless sheep, fucktard.

    • “narrow” doesn’t begin to describe the lot of you asshole scum fucktard right wing authoritarian lying nonsense-spewing punks.

      Your motto: “Never tell the fucking truth when a good lie will suffice.”


  • sjc6224

    The Crossroads “New Majority Agenda” is another great example of cynicism. Of the key pillars of this agenda, the last one is “Make America a Respected Global Leader Again.” Because America was well respected throughout the world when Rove was Deputy Chief of Staff.

    Thanks Citizens United

  • Scopedog

    “I mean, it’s a total brain-scrambling lie from beginning to end. And people will believe it. They’re suckers.”

    The worst part? Our vaunted MSM will not bother to put out the truth, but will have a “he said, she said” talkabout. They have not even bothered to really put out all of the achievements of the administration (well, some have). And a real gut puncher is that the EmoProgs will rag on Obama for not getting the hell out of Iraq/Afghanistan faster, Bradley Manning, drone strikes, and weed, all the while ignoring the good that he has done (and it’s a lot) and stoking the “it doesn’t matter who’s in charge, both sides are the same” bullshit.

    And then there will be the rise of the “well, a Romney presidency will be good, because it will lead to a Hillary win in 2016” mentality. Well, according to Taylor Marsh, anyway.

    This ad is so full of shit you would need a hundred shovels to get through the pile. And the sad thing is that it will convince enough people to vote for a man who will follow the same policies that lead to the conditions the ad mentions–conditions that were not the fault of Obama, but his GOP predecessor.

    • GrafZeppelin127

      Obama: The world is round.
      Random Republican: The world is flat.
      Mainstream media: Opinions differ on shape of world.
      Fox: Obama lying about shape of world?
      EmoProgs: Obama not doing enough to make world more round.
      Tea Party: Round world is Nazi socialist big government tyranny.
      Paulite libertarian: Let free market decide shape of world.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    I’ve said this repeatedly and will keep saying it all the way through Romney’s inauguration, at which point I’m giving up on politics and joining a hate group:

    The 2010 election was based on fiction. There is no reason to believe the 2012 election will not have a similar basis, and a similar result. The public will throw Barack Obama out of office on the basis of a fictitious record that is being manufactured and attributed to him by the GOP and its media allies/enablers, even though his real record shows that he has done a good job and the nation is in far better shape than it was when he took office, both now and for the future, a future that the country is poised to throw away in order to return to a grotesque and destructive past of which they have no collective memory. The goal is to confuse voters so much with contradictory information that they won’t know which is the real Obama record and which is the fictitious one. Given the choice, Americans prefer fiction to non-fiction.

    • ninjaf

      I can’t bring myself to click “Like” on this, so I will just comment “Agreed.”