Karl Ruprect Rove

Karl Rove: Anti-Genius

Posted by JumpyPants

The scuttlebutt is that McCain's campaign weighed in with Bill Kristol as well as Karl "I AM a Genius!" Rove before picking albatross/millstone/lead weight/imploding disaster Sarah Palin as John McMemoryloss' number two.

I was having coffee with a progressive friend on September 11, and he was telling me what a "genius" Rove was for picking Palin (let's assume Rove did -- we'll of course never know, as Rove is pathologically unable to tell the truth), and how Obama was in such deep, deep trouble, and more about how Rove is a genius.

I reminded him that Obama had beaten the most successful brand in the modern history of the Democratic party. I reminded him that Rove had, it's true, been successful in stealing presidential elections, but that wasn't the mark of "genius" in anything other than thievery. I enjoined him to chill out, that Obama on 3 days of no sleep was smarter than Karl Rove, that things were going to turn around, that even if Palin was bouncing, the timing was way off, and she'd plunge. "Look at the polls! People love her! It's a masterstroke!" he kept saying, adding finally "I hope you're right."

Well, I was right. Not only to have confidence in Senator Obama, but also to know that Karl Rove is about as brilliant as a bag full of hammers.

I would really love it if the Palin plunge would be the final example cementing Rove's ineptitude, and that progressives would stop parroting the right wing talking point about Rove and his brain.