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Keeping Up With The Gohmert

The GohmertMichele Bachmann may be on her way out, but we’ll still have Louie Gohmert to entertain us.

During an interview with the head islamophobe himself, Frank Gaffney, Louie Gohmert alluded to the idea that Senator John McCain is somehow in league with President Obama, Qaddafi, Rebels, Al Qaeda, and French fries. (okay maybe not the fries)

This is complicated stuff.

GOHMERT: Well exactly and I’m not sure what to think about his trip apparently to Syria. We had seen his tweet about meeting with Qaddafi in Libya at his ranch and then he said “Oh no somebody else must have tweeted from his phone.” But apparently there had been meetings with Qaddafi before yet they came after Qaddafi, he was one of the early ones to sign on to going after Qaddafi.

GAFFNEY: So he was for him before he was against him as they say.

GOHMERT: Yeah and then we know if it had not been for Sen. McCain and President Obama being for what we knew at the time included al-Qaeda in the rebel forces then we would still have a U.S. ambassador and three others alive today because Benghazi would not have happened. But by giving power to the rebel forces that included al Qaeda that brought that whole mess about and helped create problems in Tunisia and Algeria. So I’m not sure what to think about his going to Syria. If history is any lesson the people he met with he wants us to help should be very careful about what Sen. McCain’s support could mean for them.

Gohmert appears to be not only implying that McCain is partly responsible for Benghazi, he also seems to be questioning his integrity, character, and loyalty. And perhaps worse yet (if you’re someone who isn’t a fan of the president) he’s also presenting McCain as some kind of co-conspirator with President Obama.

The idea seems to be that McCain is a secret Al Qaeda sympathizer and anyone he meets with may meet a bitter end at the hands of Al Qaeda.

I’m not a fan of John McCain, but implying that he’s responsible for Benghazi because he supported the ouster of Qaddafi, or that he is secretly supporting causes that will strengthen Al Qaeda, is ridiculous. One may begin to get the impression that Gohmert wishes Qaddafi were still in power.

Louie Gohmert is a loose cannon liable to pop off with whatever wild theory is floating around in his head at any given minute. Keep your popcorn fresh.

  • D_C_Wilson

    One may begin to get the impression that Gohmert wishes Qaddafi were still in power.

    Begin? The moment Obama expressed support for the rebels, Qaddafi went from the guy Saint Ron a “flaky barbarian” to every wingnut’s BFF.

  • muselet

    I think Louie Gohmert’s accusing John McCain not of being an al-Qaeda sympathizer but of being too quick to support rebel forces in the Arabic world, which in his twisted little mind are all infiltrated by al-Qaeda.

    I think. It’s hard to tell without a Gibberish-to-English dictionary. (And maybe that’s a distinction without a difference, anyway.)

    It’s all too easy to tell what Frank Gaffney believes. I’m glad he’s running his own ideological chop shop and is nowhere near government.


  • Bob McIntosh

    Re: popcorn: (jump to 3:15 for the punchline)

  • Robert Scalzi

    Ashby , why are you casting aspirations on Louis’s Asparagus ?? hehehe