Kentucky Coal Mining Museum Goes Green

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

This is so delightfully amusing I don't know where to begin.

Call it a sign of the times or what have you, the Kentucky Coal Mining Museum is switching to an alternative energy source.

The Kentucky Coal Mining Museum in Benham, owned by Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College, is switching to solar power to save money. The museum, which memorializes Kentucky's history in coal mining, is modernizing with a new form of cheaper energy.

Communications director Brandon Robinson told CNN affiliate WYMT that the project "will help save at least eight to ten thousand dollars, off the energy costs on this building alone."

The coal mining museum is switching to solar power because it's simply cheaper than coal in 2017. The only barrier to entry for solar power is the installation of the panels themselves, but that will become cheaper over time as production of panels ramps up.

Coal is not coming back. Trump's war on regulations will only get people killed and allow industry executives to extract as much money as they can from the community before their last operation shutters.

  • Christopher Foxx

    and allow industry executives to extract as much money as they can”

    Well, then, Mission Accomplished as far as Trump and other coal supporters are concerned.

  • Badgerite

    Well, and a cheaper technology is generally considered to be what now? It is generally considered to be a better technology. An improvement for the society.
    An environmentally clean, cost efficient source of energy production is a good thing for a society. And it cannot be stifled to basically prop up a technology that is more expensive and polluting. How does that further job creation? The answer is that it does not. All it furthers is campaign contributions. And payoffs.

    • ninjaf

      And a need for us to keep trying to prop up countries with the most dinosaur fossils in the ground to keep our energy supply stable.

      • Badgerite


  • muselet

    This is the sort of thing that happens when pragmatic concerns are weighted more heavily than ideological or profit-driven ones.

    Somehow, I doubt anyone in the GOP—or the anti-regulation Right more broadly—will learn a single lesson from this.


    • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

      The only lesson they’re likely to learn is that promising something impossible is a good way to win an election.