North Korea

Kim Jong-Un is Cheating On His Main Man

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

While North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's first "summit" with Donald Trump was very lucrative for Kim as it garnered him regional sympathy and recognition, their second summit was not quite as fruitful as the two men walked away without signing a single piece of paper.

To that end, Kim Jong-un is planning to attend his first summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin later this week to see if Putin can offer him a better deal.

A Kremlin adviser says that President Vladimir Putin will meet the North Korean leader in Russia’s Far East on Thursday.

Yuri Ushakov told Russian news agencies on Tuesday that the much-anticipated talks between Putin and Kim Jong Un would be held in Vladivostok on the Pacific Ocean and would focus on North Korea’s nuclear program.

The implications for global security could be severe if Russia and North Korea sign a deal that allows the North to keep their nuclear weapons program with an added layer of legitimacy, but damn if I couldn't help but my laugh my ass off at the idea of Putin snatching Trump's pet project away from him.

What's Trump going to do? Attack Putin?


It remains to be seen if Trump will receive any more love letters.

  • muselet

    My impression is a bit different.

    Vladimir Putin is helping Kim Jong-un put pressure on Donald Trump to give North Korea even more of what it wants. Trump, being the ninnyhammer he is, will fall all over himself to be the world leader who embraces Kim most enthusiastically.

    Putin is just yanking Trump’s chain.


    • JMAshby

      That’s very possible, but Putin wins either way.