Large Cuts

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Paul Fell)

In other news, Obamacare premiums are expected to increase by nearly 20 percent this year because of changes Trump and congressional Republicans have made to the law.

Meanwhile, intelligence officials say the cyber attack on the Winter Olympics was a Russian operation intended to implicate North Korea.

They did so while trying to make it appear as though the intrusion was conducted by North Korea, what is known as a “false-flag” operation, said two U.S. officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive matter. [...]

Analysts surmise the disruption was retaliation against the International Olympic Committee for banning the Russian team from the Winter Games due to doping violations. No officials from Russia’s Olympic federation were allowed to attend, and while some athletes were permitted to compete under the designation “Olympic Athletes from Russia,” they were unable to display the Russian flag on their uniforms and, if they won medals, their country’s anthem was not played.

Finally, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York ruled this morning that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits anti-gay discrimination in the workplace. This case could have big implications for other cases because the court ruled that Title VII's ban on discrimination based on "sex" naturally applies to orientation. Other courts have ruled it also applies to gender identity.

The Jeff Sessions Justice Department has taken the opposite position in every case.

  • Badgerite

    Mueller’s message for trump: Knock. Knock. Candygram. (Land Sea Shark greetings). Da Da… Da Da… Da da da da da da da da )

    • I do the Landshark bit with my kids and they have NO idea what I’m talking about. I figure some day they’ll google it.

      • Badgerite

        It was brilliant at the time. One of my favorite SNL bits. Our equivalent of ‘friggin sharks with friggin lasers’. Or… we seem to have to defend us against Russian interference…..’angry sea bass’.

  • Badgerite

    Has it ever occurred to the ‘Blue Lives Matter’ folks that one of the tactics of terrorists who want to increase the body count is to wait until first responders arrive and then target them. To an officer arriving at the scene of a mass shooting these days, there is no way to know how many shooters there are, where the shooter or shooters are and how to spot them from the victims.
    When it comes to military weaponry like an AR-15, you need more than a ‘good guy with a gun’. You need a Swat Team that is able to accurately assess the situation and establish control of the site.
    A single person with a gun may have been able to stop the shooter, but it isn’t very likely. It isn’t very likely because he had way more firepower then them. He was prepared and knew who his targets were. His targets were basically everyone in his path so he did not need to wait and see if he was shooting at the right person. Anyone in his field of vision would be a target. He had a weapon that allowed him to spray a hallway or a stairway or a classroom with bullets. He did not really need to aim except to basically aim and shoot in the direction of movement. A responder would have to enter the area, likely a hallway or stairwell, and determine who to shoot before actually shooting. He could not spray bullets. He had to aim. At that person and that person only. This is a real disadvantage and in fact had those officers went into the building in all likelihood they would just have ended up on the list of victims. This isn’t to say that the officers should have waited for the Swat Team. But to try to pretend that they were a ready solution to the availability of an AR-15, a military assault weapon, to a troubled young man is ridiculous. The best that can be said is they might have saved some lives. Maybe. It is possible if everything went just so. They entered the shooters area in such a way as he did not spot them first and they managed to aim and fire and take him down before he could take them down. Not actually very likely.
    But possible. Is that really what society wants to invest in in terms of the safety of their children. That it might be possible in just the right circumstance? You know what, that’s no answer. That is the usual ‘look over there’ , ‘ it is everyone’s fault but the NRA and the ready availability of weaponry designed for the battlefield’, crap that the NRA and their shills are always putting out after the next inevitable slaughter of innocents. That and ‘false flags’, and ‘crisis actors’ and ‘thoughts and prayers’ and ‘but then you might have to ban other weapons capable of bursts of fire’ and my personal favorite, ‘we need more guns and you have to be expert at using them or else’, argument.
    I remember when gun manufacturers were content to merely flood the inner cities and urban areas with the cheap ‘Saturday Night Special’ handgun. And we know that worked out so well for the urban areas. Now they want to flood the entire society with military assault weapons. FFFFFFFFFF them.

    • ALL OF THIS! Heard somewhere that there is a 41% casualty rate among officers who respond to mass shootings–and not sure if that’s based on individual officers responding or teams or a mix of both. And that’s precisely why the School Resource Officer (who had 30+ years on the job and plenty of training) did NOT go into the building. Because he knew damn well that the odds were pretty bad for him and that the smart thing to do was to get backup so you can then approach the school in an orderly fashion. Furthermore one officer cannot secure sections of the school and see to evacuations all by himself. A team is absolutely required. So I completely understand why people are mad that he didn’t go in but at the same time, the guy only had a 50/50 chance of doing a damn thing. That’s a VERY bad position to put anyone in. Which brings us back to the point we keep coming back to–take assault rifles and large mags out of the equation. It’s as simple as that–no matter what chaff the NRA likes to throw out there.

      • Badgerite

        It is. Emma4change has a tweet up that shows Ronald Reagan respond to a question about simple hunting rifles verses assault rifles ( back then, AK-47s.) He was very supportive of background checks and waiting period for purchase of a gun as had been done in California when he was Governor. And he was adamantly against military weaponry in the hands of a civilian population. This was long before he became a shooting victim himself. This was just the simple common sense that he could frequently display as he did in arms reduction negotiations with the old Soviet Union. So much for Saint Ronald Reagan. Apparently he was a raging ‘liberal’ who hates freedom or a ‘crisis actor’ or something something.

  • KanaW

    Regarding the cartoon, it should probably also state that the cost of the Glock will come out of the teacher’s paycheck, since there isn’t enough money in the budget to actually pay for it!

    • Nefercat

      And they will tell the teachers that their sure the teachers will be fine with that as the teachers already spend their own money on food and supplies for their students. So of they care about their students, they will take on yet another expense.

      • KanaW

        Oh, lord, yes! After all, they don’t have any problems affording anything they want, so there’s no reason (in their minds) that teachers shouldn’t be able to afford whatever. Grrr.

    • Aynwrong

      Had the same thought.

  • Aynwrong

    Let’s see if ourour “liberal media” makes any

    • Rebecca Nguyen

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    • Draxiar

      The “liberal media” won’t but I’m pretty sure that there will be many people across the whole country that will see the rate hike and think or say, “I thought this was supposed to be affordable! I guess the Republicans were right.” not realizing that it was Republicans that messed it up. I wish to hell, heaven, or any other place in between that Democrats would get out in front of these things and message message, MESSAGE, what the Republicans are actually doing to make life harder and uneven for people. Then, of course, offer solutions.

      • ninjaf

        I wish to hell, heaven, or any other place in between that Democrats, in general, would get out in front of these things and message message, MESSAGE, what the Republicans are actually doing to make life harder and uneven for people. Then, of course, offer solutions. And not just during election season.

        SO. MUCH. THIS.