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Larry Pratt: Welfare Dependent Immigrants Will “Californicate” America And Take Your Guns

Larry-PrattThe link between radical gun culture and virulent xenophobia hasn’t always been unambiguous to the casual observer, but today it is.

Larry Pratt, the executive director of Gun Owners of America, made an appearance on Hate Radio yesterday to voice his deep reservations about immigration reform and brown people in general to wingnut talker Steve Deace.

via RightWingWatch

Pratt: The scamnesty plan is a plan to bring in a gazillion Democrat voters. The people who have not been given immigration status because they are a doctor or an engineer or some other skill that would be beneficial in the United States economy, but instead the people that would be given amnesty ultimately by this procedure that Rubio and company have been unleashing are those that don’t have even high school educations, are barely literate in their own Spanish language. I’m fluent in Spanish and I’ve spoken with some of these people and it’s amazing that they can’t even spell in Spanish when you have almost a completely phonetic language. I’ve taught people to read in Spanish if they could competently speak the language, I’ve taught them to read it’s that phonetic. Yet the people that would be coming in illiterate in Spanish, they’re going to be Democrats, they’re going to be dependents, they’re not going to be working at a nuclear reactor or a car factory, they’re going to be probably just sitting around drawing welfare and voting Democrat.


There’s really only two conclusions to the Republicans peddling this: mass stupidity is one, the other is that they are just so tired of arguing with people like you and I about big government that they’ve just decided to go ahead and help the Democrats win. Pratt: And those are probably not mutually exclusive. What they’re doing then by bringing in this many Democrats, if they were to do that, means that by the time you get all of those folks into their citizenship status, our guess was about 2035, you can say buh bye to your guns and buh bye to the rest of your freedom because this would be a country that had been californicated.

To recap — The “scamnesty plan” is a ruse to bring in hordes of new Democratic voters who will just sit around drawing welfare (as “dependents” tend to do), speak poor Spanish because they can’t spell, and ultimately ‘californicate’ America.

And I’ll bet Larry Pratt is eager to sell you a gun so you can prevent The Dependents from californicating you.

Californicate is an interesting word choice. I understand that California is home to a significant Latino and immigration population, but the state is also currently grappling with a troublesome budget surplus. A surplus that was created by the Democratically-controlled state legislature and governor’s mansion.

How did a bunch of “dependents” who can’t spell find the wisdom to elect a Democratic majority that delivered on the promise of fiscal sanity? It was only a few short years ago that conservative pundits were ready to paint California as the second coming of Greece.

They didn’t build that, did they?