Latest NRA Swag: Murder Insurance

(via ThinkProgress)

In a rare “scoop” for an editorial cartoonist today, Matt Bors skewered a little-known National Rifle Association (NRA) program that offers insurance to cover policy holders’ costs should they become embroiled in a legal battle after shooting someone in self-defense.

The insurance — technically endorsed by the NRA and administered by Lockton Affinity exclusively for NRA members — is available as a rider to the “excess personal liability” plan. [...]

Though the coverage amounts stay the same, a policy holder can add the self-defense insurance by paying $118 or $165 for the lesser coverage, or between $187 and $254 for the larger plan.

A lesson for people who shoot first and ask questions later -- don't pull a George Zimmerman and create your own defense fund. Call the NRA! They have you covered.

I have no doubt this will be a big seller. You can sell anything to people who, after decades of fearmongering, still believe phantom Democratic gun-snatchers are coming to take away their freedoms.

  • Ned F

    That’ll come in handy when I shoot the cops as they just happen to break into my home for no reason. But it’s OK to do that in Indiana? Thanks NRA!

    • LOL Hey, shooting cops is fine with the NRA…they’re cons and libtards after all…cops are the ooga booga bad gubmint…..until they need them, of course.