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Laura Ingraham: Ohio’s Medicaid Expansion Is So Gay

This is what conservative media has come to– Bullying and teasing Governors who are doing the right thing, or who want to do the right thing.

Filling in for Bill O’Reilly this past week, dripping sack of awful Laura Ingraham prodded Ohio Governor John Kasich for accepting Medicaid expansion as called for the by the Affordable Care Act, which would cover 275,000 Ohioans in danger of being exterminated slowly over time for a profit.

In saying that Governor Kasich is Obama’s new “BFF” and practically “spooning” together, the governor responded by reminding Right wing America that he’s still one of them and that he still hates Obamacare, but he’s not above taking the money:

“[I had] the chance to bring Ohio money back to Ohio to do some things that frankly needed to be done,” Kasich said, citing treatment of the mentally ill and drug addicted, as well as providing insurance outlets for the working poor.

“That being said, I have never been a supporter of Obamacare,” Kasich added, citing his refusal to run a state exchange.

See? He’s not spooning with the president! Gross! He’s never been a supporter of Obamacare! He’s not the president’s gay lover! He hates Obamacare! He spits on affordable, regulated health insurance! Ptui!

Check, please!

Because that’s what sad and vile creatures who inhabit FOX News want to hear. That you’re not gay, you love guns, you hate Obamacare, and that you are as cruel and vicious as they had hoped. You don’t want to disappoint these people. They eat their own.

Governor Kasich took the dirty, filthy, Obamacare money, but refused to set up a state-run exchange. Principles, man. Meanwhile, Republican party state legislators on Ohio are still trying to figure out a way to redistribute $400 million the state will be saving by accepting Medicaid expansion to fund an across-the-board income tax cut to benefit the rich.

So, no worries, Right wing America. Ohio Governor John Kasich is no Obama-lover. Gross! He’s a Republican governor still trying to figure out how to scam the system to screw over the poor and uninsured. But in the meantime, by all means continue to insinuate that helping people is so gay. It only expedites your inevitable political demise.

  • j hentai

    what’s wrong with these people?

    • muselet

      Blunt-force head trauma, perhaps.


    • D_C_Wilson

      Sociopathic Personality Disorder.

      • Christopher Foxx

        Exactly. They are sociopaths. i wish more folks would just say so.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Dripping sack of awful. BWAH! Good one Mr Brink.

  • muselet

    John Kasich has to make nice with Right-wing media, even if it means he has to say and do stupid, cruel, and/or impossible-to-justify things. If he didn’t, not only would he be torching his political ambitions, but the likes of Laura Ingraham (revolting woman!) would pounce on him like a lioness on a gazelle.

    I decline to feel sorry for Kasich—or even to take him seriously—because he willingly engages in whatever ridiculous behavior the Right’s ideological enforcers demand of him.


    • Christopher Foxx

      It’s called being a leader.

      According to Republicans.

  • Lady Willpower

    I wonder what Laura Ingraham’s gay brother thinks of all this.

  • missliberties

    Is that legal?

    • mrbrink

      They’re working on it.