Poll Syria


Depending on who you ask, President Obama is either brilliant or “lucky” in regards to how the situation is Syria played out, but a new Pew poll shows that a plurality of Americans believe the president displayed leadership by not rushing into war.

Overall, more Americans (49%) say that in handling the situation in Syria, Obama has shown leadership and a willingness to adapt to changing circumstances. Fewer (35%) say he’s shown weakness and inconsistency. Far more Democrats (72%) than Republicans (26%) or independents (46%) say Obama has shown leadership in dealing with Syria.

For a frame of reference, the 35 percent who believe the president has shown weakness or inconsistency is also roughly the same number of people who believe George W. Bush was a great president. It’s also 2 percent lower than the number of people who believe global warming is a hoax.

If it wasn’t already clear, I believe the president’s threat of force was the right move in a situation where simply asking nicely wasn’t going to cut it. I also believe saying that the president was just “lucky” is offensive and ignorant and smacks of Beltway punditry.

  • LTanya Spearman

    One thing the public (IMO) its not focus on is how the dead brain media (all) got it wrong in regard to the strategy in Syria.. So instead of admitted their wrong, they blamed the Black Guy because he didn’t have enough *STYLE*…
    Now they ready to start on U.S. / Iran talks that about to start on ‘NUCLEAR PROG.’ Iran Pres. Hassan Rohani & his delegation are due to attend Sept. 24, UN assembly where the Iran Pres. is due to address the general assembly..
    Ms. Graham & Grandpa McGrumpy are already on every TV shows throwing negative bumper sticker talking pts. (it easier for the bobble heads to repeat 24/7).. Don’t believe me?
    Check huff-fluff front page title: *Are Relations between U.S./Iran Improving* and it got 1597 comments.. How much you want to bet the majority are negative?
    Now they (dead brain media) waiting for their cues from the republican’t and the republican’t are getting their cues from corp. sponsors..
    With no facts of what go on they’re plow ahead with speculation, innuendoes & bargain basement analysis all pending on old out-of-date information…
    Where in FACT Obama & Rohani have been having limited conversations..
    And Iranian approve of the U.S./Russia resolution deal…

  • Treading_Water

    It doesn’t matter what the actual situation in Libya was, or how it resolved. The only important thing about it was how could it be used to embarrass the President. Just like they don’t really care which brown people we bomb, whether it be Syrians, Egyptians, or Iranians, as long as it does maximum damage to President Obama’s reputation. Nothing, not the well being of our soldiers and diplomats nor the well being of our citizens and economy, is worth applauding if that means that the President gets credit for something good or useful. Remember how they applauded the US not getting the Olympics?

    I really disliked GWBush, but my dislike was a direct result of his actions. It didn’t matter to me that he was yet another privileged white guy president, but I resented the fact that he sank our economy into 2 unnecessary wars and tax cuts for people who only hoarded the savings. I hated the fact that he mocked a mentally disabled woman on death row. I thought that telling the “terrists” to “Bring it on!” was reckless and stupid. I hated GWB’s actions, but because of that I also could applaud those actions that I agreed with. it isn’t so with the Teapublicans and President Obama. They hate the person, and because of that they cannot even support him when he does what they want.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      That’s when you know the reason for their hatred is the color of his skin.

  • missliberties

    It took courage to stand up against all the ‘conventional wisdom’ about red lines and political standing etc. etc.

    The happiest and most confident I have seen Obama in a long time was the day he turned over the decision to strike Syria back to the Congress.

  • Schneibster

    😀 Recommended. Good to know. There really are a majority of adults paying attention now.

    And as always I endorse your last paragraph. It’s disgusting. I just smacked Feaver for it over on FP. He won’t respond; he never does to me.