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Liberty Caucus Director Dumps Rand Paul

SK Ashby
Written by SK Ashby

A director for the Republican Liberty Caucus has dumped fake libertarian Rand Paul in favor of fake libertarian Ted Cruz because supporting Rand Paul is a waste of time.

Steve Hoffman, one of three national directors and an at-large board member of the grassroots Republican Liberty Caucus, recently endorsed Texas Sen. Ted Cruz despite his previous backing of Paul.

"Cruz has the best chance to win, and I felt like I was wasting my time trying to help the Paul Campaign because he simply lacks the money, and what's more, the dynamics to win a national campaign," Hoffman told the Libertarian Republic.

The joke's on him because supporting Ted Cruz is also a waste of time, but I digress.

Just yesterday Ted Cruz told an audience in Iowa that you're not fit to hold office if you "don't begin every day on your knees asking God for his wisdom" and that they've erred by allowing "nonbelievers" to elect our nation's leaders; leaders who've adopted a "secular agenda."

Of course the Liberty Caucus isn't necessarily ceding ground by dropping Rand Paul in favor of Ted Cruz because Rand Paul has also adopted the contradictory position that religious liberty trumps the secular liberty of all others.

There's no liberty in denying the rights of others, but that's exactly what Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and, apparently, the Liberty Caucus, have called for.

Libertarianism is a bullshit ideology.