Lieberman Wins

Flawless victory.

Senate Democrats emerged from a special caucus meeting Monday night determined to pass a health-care bill by Christmas -- but without the Medicare buy-in plan that liberals had sought as an alternative to a government insurance option.

Unacceptable. Expect Lieberman to find something else to bitch about any time now. Also, bring on Ben Nelson and his abortion filibuster. Via Jamie

Adding... I regret the Mortal Kombat reference. This would imply that the Democrats and the White House actually tried to fight back with a procedural change or the like. They didn't.

Attention Americans aged 55 or older. Joe Lieberman just denied you the opportunity to buy into Medicare -- an inexpensive, reliable insurance program. Joe Lieberman did this. And the Democratic Party enabled him. Even the President of the United States collapsed under the weight of Lieberman's awesome power and gave him what he wanted.

One more thing... The trigger might be out as well. After all, it was one of President Lieberman's objections.

UPDATE: Ryan Grim has more reactions following tonight's caucus blockus.

UPDATE 2: Ezra lays out the choices for the White House, leaving no other choice but to capitulate to President Lieberman: