Life As We Know It

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Rob Rogers)

In other news, Politico reports that the Trump regime is close to finalizing the new rules that will roll back protections for LGBTQ patients who were protected from discrimination under Obamacare. So, that means me.

Meanwhile, a new Associated Press poll found that just 23 percent of American trust what Trump says during his daily press briefings.

Just 28% of Americans say they’re regularly getting information from Trump about the coronavirus and only 23% say they have high levels of trust in what the president is telling the public. Another 21% trust him a moderate amount.

Confidence in Trump is higher among his supporters, though only about half of Republicans say they have a lot of trust in Trump’s information on the pandemic — and 22% say they have little or no trust in what he says about the COVID-19 outbreak.

Finally, the New York Times reports that Trump is spending literally the majority of every day watching television. He watches news coverage from 5 a.m. to noon, attends his daily briefing, and then watches coverage of his briefing. He does not attend virus task force meetings.

He has been up in the White House master bedroom as early as 5 a.m. watching Fox News, then CNN, with a dollop of MSNBC thrown in for rage viewing. He makes calls with the TV on in the background, his routine since he first arrived at the White House.

But now there are differences.

The president sees few allies no matter which channel he clicks. He is angry even with Fox, an old security blanket, for not portraying him as he would like to be seen. And he makes time to watch Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s briefings from New York, closely monitoring for a sporadic compliment or snipe. [...]

The daily White House coronavirus task force briefing is the one portion of the day that Mr. Trump looks forward to, although even Republicans say that the two hours of political attacks, grievances and falsehoods by the president are hurting him politically.

Mr. Trump will hear none of it. Aides say he views them as prime-time shows that are the best substitute for the rallies he can no longer attend but craves.

Also, that order to "ban all immigration" (which didn't actually ban all immigration) was totally about his feelings and politics.

His own internal polling shows him sliding in some swing states, a major reason he declared a temporary halt to the issuance of green cards to those outside the United States. The executive order — watered down with loopholes after an uproar from business groups — was aimed at pleasing his political base, people close to him said, and was the kind of move Mr. Trump makes when things feel out of control. Friends who have spoken to him said he seemed unsettled and worried about losing the election.

Worried about losing the election? No problem! Just hit the big, red racism button.

We crossed 50,000 (official) deaths today and will probably cross 60,000 next week. We're also inching toward 1 million confirmed cases, but I feel confident in saying that is the very last thing on Trump's mind if it is at all.

Have a good weekend.

  • muselet

    • Predictable. It’s all about making The Base happy by hurting vulnerable people (ditto the green card malarkey).

    • I’m disappointed that much of the public trusts what Donald Trump says during the Five O’Clock Follies.

    • If I Ruled The World, the media covering the Five O’Clock Follies would turn off the cameras and ask no questions while Trump is on-stage. Pay attention only to the public-health experts. Not only would the public be far better-informed, but Trump wouldn’t get to snipe at reporters. Let him yell at his TV screen.

    • The number of US deaths from Covid-19 looks to be plateauing at around 50–60,000, but we’re about halfway through the deaths in the first wave. Keep practicing social distancing and take all reasonable precautions.

    Apropos of that, you know what’s weird? Walking up the the door of a bank wearing a mask, and having the armed security guard say, “Good morning,” and open the door for you. That’s weird. (And it really happened to me yesterday.)

    • Better late than never, I suppose. RIP, Ellis Marsalis.

    Have a safe weekend, all.


    • connie1111

      Democrats are the dumbest animals on the face of the earty. Not to mention the most corrupt, vicioius, hostile, despicable, and downright angry. all of the time since the 60’s.

      • muselet

        And you’re replying to what I wrote with that … why, exactly?

        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind people disagreeing with me, it’s just that what you wrote is an almost perfect non sequitur. If it actually does sequit—to borrow the gist of a gag from Spider Robinson—let me know. I may have missed something.


        • connie1111

          Oh, honey, you have missed.

          • muselet

            Do enlighten me. What is the connection between what I wrote and what you wrote?


          • connie1111

            Absolutely nothing! Reading comprehension a problem for you?

          • muselet

            Not at all. Now I know you are writing random responses to random comments on (presumably) random websites. I wouldn’t have thought that would be particularly diverting, but every day’s a school day, I suppose.

            Have a very good rest of your day.


        • Christopher Foxx

          Are you really trying to ask a troll why they’re trolling?

          Is the answer not obvious? Non sequitors is all they’ve got.

          Best to just ignore them. (Well, pitying them’s OK, too.)

    • Christopher Foxx

      If I Ruled The World, the media covering the Five O’Clock Follies would turn off the cameras and ask no questions while Trump is on-stage. Pay attention only to the public-health experts.

      IOW, responsible journalism.

  • Aynwrong

    I’m sorry Ashby. Stay safe.

    23% of Americans, I’m sorry to say, are idiots.

    I forget who said it but Trump was once very succinctly summed up simply as “A man in his 70s who watches Fox.” I think that’s the closest I’ve heard to a description of anything that could be described as a political ideology on his part.

    I said it last week and I’ll say it again this week. “Lovecraftian lunacy.”

    • katanahamon

      23% I’d say that figure is low..more like, 50%….