Domestic Terrorism

Lindsey Graham is Still Out There Shitting His Pants

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Senator and failed Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham has been a vocal critic of GOP nominee Donald Trump but, at least on this issue, they see eye to eye.

Senator Graham's office issued a statement yesterday calling on the Obama administration to treat the failed Chelsea bomber as an enemy combatant.

“Right now, we should be focused on gathering intelligence from this suspect that can help our nation understand how these attacks were planned and carried out. Holding Rahami as an enemy combatant also allows us to question him about what attacks may follow in the future. That should be our focus, not a future domestic criminal trial that may take years to complete."

Trump also called for denying basic civil and human rights to Rahami yesterday, implying that he should be deprived of food and legal counsel.

Rahami is an American citizen.

As far as we know, Rahami acted alone and of his own volition. He certainly didn't have anyone helping him plot his failed attacked, otherwise he wouldn't have left his own cellphone attached to one his bombs. Authorities located and apprehended Rahami very quickly because he did just about everything wrong. Rahami was spotted by an officer sleeping on the floor of a local bar.

The man was a loser, not a sophisticated mastermind.

Men like Graham and Trump would like you to believe they're tough on terror, but the truth is they're enormous bed-wetters who are more afraid than any healthy individual should be.

  • muselet

    Lindsey Graham is a despicable coward and a disgrace to the Senate and the USAF JAG Corps.

    And the University of South Carolina School of Law should demand Graham return his JD, since he clearly doesn’t understand a bloody thing about the law or the Constitution.


    • Groundloop

      All truly patriotic ‘Murricans know that it’s perfectly cromulent to suspend the Constitutional protections of U.S. citizens if the citizen in question is brown and/or has an exotic/funny sounding name, or in some other way discomfits the lunatic voter base of a Republican member of Congress.

  • Christopher Jones

    Looks like Miss Lindsey needs to calm his nerves a bit. Maybe shootin’ some skeet will do the trick.

  • ninjaf

    We should be vary wary of anyone wanting to so easily suspend the rights of a citizen because this is truly the slippery slope so many people often claim to be afraid of on so many other issues.