Election 2016

“Little Marco” Will Vote for Donald Trump

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Senator and failed presidential candidate Marco Rubo (R-FL) said Donald Trump is a "con artist" during the Republican presidential primary. Rubio also called Trump a lunatic who shouldn't be given access to nuclear launch codes.

Rubio even mocked the size of Donald Trump's hands, implying that he has a tiny dick. He also implied that Donald Trump pissed his pants.

That was then. Now the man who was dubbed "Little Marco" by the GOP nominee will support him.

At worst, taxes may increase by a few percentage points and more Americans will have access to healthcare under a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is a fascist who has talked about shutting down the media, banning Muslims from the country, using nuclear weapons, eliminating the federal minimum wage, starting a trade war with China, abandoning NATO, and developing a close relationship with Vladimir Putin.

The latter Marco Rubio can live with, but the former he cannot.

While Rubio said many things about Donald Trump that you cannot simply un-say, Trump also humiliated Rubio.

Trump successfully branded Senator Rubio as "little Marco" and destroyed him in his home state of Florida. And how could we forget this?

Marco Rubio is pathetic. They're all pathetic. Republicans have absolutely no spine; no principles.

  • mnpollio

    Again, this is not remotely surprising that Republicans sell their souls to whoever they think would best keep them in power and sell everyone else down the river. The spectacle of watching them endorse a completely insane, incompetent and repellent representative like Trump mere months after insisting he should be no where near the Oval Office is in turns laughable, pitiful and nauseating. Those who are still rationalizing about what a terrific selection Rubio was should think long and hard about his actions here and see what a shill and sell-out without principles, guts or common sense he truly is. As for Trump, I will be voting for whoever gets the Democrat nod, whether it be Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Diana Ross or the Great Juju Up the Mountain – truthfully anyone to keep this walking, talking, repulsive babbling pile of feces known as Donald Trump away from the presidency.

  • Republicanism supplanted Christianity for most of these people. They are now Republicans first, Christians second, and Americans a distant third.

  • Chachizel

    I cannot for the life of me imagine anyone with even a modicum of intelligence being ok with a #ChickenTrump presidency. You’re exactly right, Republicans have no spine, no decency, no sense, and no principles

  • muselet

    And thus does Marco Rubio join Rick Perry in shouting, “Thank you, sir! Please may I have another!”