Liveblogging The Second Presidential Debate

7:06PM EDT
Here we go! If there's a positive side to the big -508 today, it's that McCain will have to wrap his troll brain around the economy. And of course... If the debate is the economy, McCain loses.

I wish I could've seen the far-right "nutjobs" Matthews was just talking about. I can only imagine what racial epithets they were blurting out.

I've got a fever, and the only cure is more "Heh?!"

They took down the video, but we noticed McCain's creepy Penguinish 'heh?!' thing back in August.

Senator Obama only needs to be himself tonight -- maybe show some sympathy for one or two of the questioners. It'd be a mistake to get aggressive or "go on the attack" without provocation. And Senator McCain needs a victory, so expect a wild and erratic night full of 'Heh?!' and creepy grinning/cackling.

Watching CNN. I don't know what's more hypocritically elitist... Lou Dobbs' giant caps, or Mitt Romney's tanning bed glow.

Norah is in King of Prussia, PA with a focus group thing. I should drive down and crash the party.

Keith going after the violent outbursts at the McCain-Palin rallies. Why wasn't the "Kill him!" guy arrested? Oh! Strike that. Keith says the Secret Service is investigating. Goddamn Palin. She is a disgusting, airheaded freak who, if she looked like Madeleine Albright, would be taunted out of politics forever. But I've heard from more than a few guys who think she's "hot." Hot?! I find her repulsive in every way. She's an ugly, decrepit human being with a dark, twisted, frightening soul.

And she's a coward, too.

A random wingnut forwarded this whisper campaign e-mail to me today with the message:

Just thought I'd send this your way. This is the man you are voting in as our next United States President?? NICE.....Maybe, all of you liberals ought to 'rethink' this. Do you REALLY want a muslim terrorist with radical views as our next president????????

The whisper campaign goes on and on about how Senator Obama attained cash for college and an overseas trip. So I replied with the following...

And yet you voted twice for a president who is best friends with 'Bandar Bush' and the Saudi royal family. 15 of the 17 September 11 terrorists were Saudis, by the way. George W. Bush has also done business with the Bin Laden family (Salem bin Laden was an investor in Bush's Arbusto company). Prescott Bush did business with the Nazi Party and Hilter before WWII.

Meanwhile, John McCain is friends with a convicted Watergate burglar who advocated shooting federal agents and who fired handguns at cardboard cutouts of Senator Hillary Clinton. McCain is a member of an organization called the US Council for World Freedom whose membership includes antisemites and Nazi sympathizers. Sarah Palin's husband was a member of a treasonous secessionist political party with ties to Iran, and Sarah Palin herself delivered an address to their convention.

And all you've got is an e-mail asking where Obama got his college and travel money without ANY evidence whatsoever?

You're hilarious.

Feel free to use that.

13 minutes to go. HEH?!

The corporate media has proved that no matter what the Republicans do -- no matter how racist and ridiculous they become, they'll always be regarded as a serious party.