Locked Up

(Cartoonist - Clay Bennett)

In other news, the Louisiana GOP says they won't support David Duke because he's a "hate-filled fraud" which is awkward because their presidential nominee is also a hate-filled fraud.

Curious, if he's a "fraud" as they say, are they implying that he's not a credible white supremacist? Would they support a more credible alternative?

Meanwhile, Trump's convention speech was apparently the lowest rated speech in quite some time. He drew slightly fewer views than Mitt Romney did and nearly 10 million fewer than McCain.

Finally, Representative Sean Duffy (R-WI) says the good thing about Donald Trump is that he's finally sticking up for white men. Really.

DUFFY: “There’s a viewpoint that says, ‘I can fight for minorities, and I can fight for women,’ and if you get that, you make up a vast majority of the voting block and you win. And white males have been left aside a little bit in the politics of who speaks to them.

White Men had an undefeated winning streak in the race for the presidency before President Obama.

  • swift_4

    Bo Burnham summed it up in a song about white men’s troubles.

    “We used to have all the land and money.”
    “We still do. But it’s not as much fun.”