Lyin’ King

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Kevin Siers)

In other news, despot-elect Donald Trump told the New York Times he wont pursue an investigation of Hillary Clinton for... something. That's not actually the president's decision to make, but here's another broken campaign promise his gullible supporters believed.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk apparently paid Trump $150,000 in September of 2015 for recording a speech for one of Pinchuk's conferences. Trump was running for office at the time. The amusing thing is Pinchuk also donated to the Clinton Foundation, which Trump tells us is an evil organization.

Finally, Texas state Senator Konni Burton has introduced a bill to punish teachers and school staff if they don't out gay and transgender students to their parents. My rage at the hypocrites of Big Republican Government In Your Pants and "privacy" is indescribable.

On a completely different note, this was my favorite thing today: President Obama on Crying Jordan

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  • Christopher Foxx

    Sen. Konni Burton argues that “a parent has a right to full and total information [about] their child.”

    I argue that citizens have a right to full and total information about those who claim to represent them.

    How quickly do you think Burton would object if someone proposed a bill that all Texas State Senators have to make public every financial transaction they engage in, provide recordings of every conversation they have, give public access to see their Netflix queues, etc.

    What’s the next step down from a non-second?

  • I was somewhat relieved to hear Trump say he wouldn’t be going after Hillary, even with the understanding that he doesn’t have that power. But then it occurred to me.

    Trump is the smokescreen. He says that he won’t prosecute her, but when his AG does go after her, it looks less political and gives Trump cover. Trump’s statement was all part of the plan.

    I really hope they’re not as clever as this, but they are evil enough for it.

    • Badgerite

      News Flash! You actually have to have done something that could plausibly be called illegal to have a prosecution against you. There is absolutely nothing that these people or anyone else could possibly point to that Hilary Clinton has ever done that was or is illegal. Of course, there will be no “prosecution”. That would require them to show up in court with some kind of plausible evidence of a crime. Which they do not have. Never did.
      What are they gonna do? Show up in court and scream “lock her up” at the judge? That’s not how it works.

      • I didn’t say they would prosecute her, but they will continue to investigate. And, frankly, I’m not willing to concede that they won’t try to prosecute her even though she hasn’t done anything. Would you really be surprised if they did?

        • Badgerite

          I would because I think the absolute paucity of any evidence of actual wrongdoing would be so clearly on display. I don’t think they want the press doing any actual reflection on that.

          • No worries. I find it incredibly frustrating as well.

      • ProudLiberalAlways

        The one thing we’re overlooking here is if they’re investigating Hillary, they won’t have time to investigate Rump’s many conflicts and problems. As long as they keep their committees busy on her, he skates. (He thinks).

  • Aynwrong

    The moral arrogance of Republicans is what always make want to throw something. The idea that these people are so God dammed, fucking morally superior that they have the right to control people’s lives, including school children is the epitome of bigotry run amok, and it defines them to their core. Far more than any notion of free market blah, blah or something, something limited government. These people are bigots. Full stop! Fuck nuance!

    • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

      If you switch out the topic from children’s privacy to.. well any number of things, you’d have the exact same thing they say about us. Gun control. Gay rights (read: overriding freedom of religion). Climate change stuff (read: meddling in private business). Health care mandates (read: micromanaging people’s lives). Abortion rights (read: infanticide). Et cetera.

      We want to “control” their lives, too. And you can bet your ass they object to our attitude of moral superiority.

      The only real difference as far as I can see (other than what we choose to try to regulate) is that we don’t delude ourselves into pretending that we don’t believe in using the government to change society for the better. They act like all regulation is evil.. and then turn around and try to use it to force their beliefs on us. We skip the first part when trying to foist our beliefs on them.

      And don’t try to tell me that we don’t. We do. We absolutely do.

      And just because we believe our policies serve the greater good doesn’t mean they have to agree about that. So, from their perspectives, we’re the morally superior assholes.

      I’ll give you this one item as a perfect example. We see it and say, there should be a law prohibiting teachers from “outing” these vulnerable kids. Perfectly reasonable, right? They see it as “liberals want to pass laws that make teachers hide important information from parents.” See how that changes things? And then both sides look at the other and say “what morally superior assholes.”

      • Christopher Foxx

        The only real difference as far as I can see (other than what we choose to try to regulate) is that we don’t delude ourselves into pretending that we don’t believe in using the government to change society for the better.

        If that is truly the only diffidence you can see then you haven’t really been looking. This continual “both parties are the same” bullshit is recognizable as the bullshit it is, no matter how much you try to cover it.

        “They” have been pathological about denying basic facts of reality, from worldwide climate change to whether an individual person was born in the US. And they have been single-minded in pursuing policies that have been repeatedly shown to be harmful to the majority of American citizens. Their tax policies, their unending efforts to deny people healthcare, their demonization of ACORN and Planned Parenthood and many others based on doctored video tapes and other claims that they KNOW to be lies.

        “They” are actively working to harm the vast majority of people to improve their own lots. “We” are working very hard on the opposite.

        • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

          Both parties aren’t the same. We lean toward science and reason and nuance. They lean toward “does it fit on a bumper sticker.” God forbid anyone try to garner Red Shirt support for any policy that might send them scurrying to a text book.

          So, no, I don’t mean this in the sense of “both parties are the same,” but rather in the sense that both parties have a reasonable claim that the other party is a “morally superior asshole.” We impose on them and act like assholes about it while we cram it down their throats. Are we right? I sure think so or I wouldn’t be on this “side,” but they certainly don’t see it and, for a lot of issues, reasonable people can disagree. So when they cram it down our throats, it’s hypocritical to be whining about their morally superior attitude. They THINK they’re doing the right thing. Not the politicians, necessarily, but the people who support them.

          They looked at this issue and said “I think it’s more important that a parent be given all the facts about their children than it is to pass laws making teachers hide that information from the people whose duty it is to raise those children.” That’s not wholly unreasonable. Regardless of if I disagree, it’s not right, nor is it productive, for me to get on my high horse and call them bigots while demanding they do as I say because I claim the moral high ground.

          Their tax policies
          Once again, they show that deficits only matter when the President wears a blue shirt.

          But I am trying to console myself over having to put up with a (shudder) President Trump with the fact that my taxes are slated to go way down. It’s going to save me a fortune right up to the point where the economy crashes into a brick wall.

          They don’t care about long term consequences. Never had. Never will. Only short term. Lower taxes mean happier constituents. Happier constituents = more votes.

          • Christopher Foxx


      • Aynwrong

        “See how that changes things?”

        No. I don’t.

        No one has the right to know if an emotionally vulnerable teenager is gay or transgendered. It’s none of their fucking business. You wanna be a Christian, be a Christian. Don’t use it as an excuse to torture children.

        “Relevant information.” The Catholic Church spent it’s history vilifying gay men as a moral travesty. Where did the real threat to children come from?

        Global warming is real. It is not liberals who are interfering with the vaunted free market because we hate Capitalism. We’re trying to the planet inhabitable.

        I’m not even getting started on guns.

    • Georgie