Senator Barack Obama

Lying Liars

McCain is following Drudge's lead again. He's including this ridiculous news item in his robo-calls now.

Here's the story. Drudge, Malkin, News Busters and all wingnut points in-between are ballyhooing an audio clip of Senator Obama from January in which he says that if someone wanted to build a coal plant without environmental and greenhouse gas safeguards, they'll go bankrupt under his proposed cap and trade system -- a system which McCain also supports!

And dirty, unsafe coal plants deserve to go bankrupt. Put another way, if I open a restaurant with syphilitic chefs, and gigantic syphilitic rats living in the pasta machines, I'd go bankrupt, too, for a variety of reasons -- and rightfully so.

It gets more ridiculous. Drudge, Malkin, News Busters and the McCain campaign are saying Obama wants to bankrupt the whole industry. Read the item and tell me if you see anything in the senator's remarks about the whole "coal industry."

He doesn't say a damn thing about the "whole industry." In fact, Obama supports coal more than I'm personally comfortable with.

Drudge and McCain are lying liars, yes. But now they're desperate and insane lying liars.