Maine Caucus Blockus

CNN calls Maine for Senator Obama.

Obama - 1,817 - 59%
Clinton - 1,263 - 41%
79% reporting

Current results in the big Maine caucus:

Obama - 1,305 - 57%
Clinton - 956 - 42%
59 percent of precincts reporting

Also, Senator Clinton has fired campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle and replaced her with Maggie Williams. The word is that there was no ground coordination on the campaign message.

And finally, I heard Senator Clinton on CNN again criticizing Senator Obama's "rhetorical flourishes" and lack of policy detail in his speeches. There's a lot to say here including an entire thing about how it drives me apeshit when I hear people saying "I don't know what he stands for" -- but I think I addressed this in the previous post.

If you want to know what Senator Clinton's or Senator Obama's positions and plans are, they're all right there on the campaign websites. In print and suitable for holding candidates accountable. So if it's augmented by inspiring "rhetorical flourishing"... awesome. That's balance, if you ask me.