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Massive Chump Rand Paul Says He’ll Vote for Trump

You may recall that Rand Paul has panned Donald Trump on numerous occasions, even going so far as to say a Trump presidency would be a catastrophe for the GOP and America, but it appears Rand son of Ron has had a change of heart.

Rand now says he'll vote for the great disaster Donald Trump.

When Paul was asked if he would support Trump as the nominee, he seemed hesitant, but said that he would.

"Yeah, I think it would have to happen," Paul said. "I think we are a long way from deciding who the nominee is. The reason I say I will support the nominee, when I won and beat the establishment, they all came around and supported me. That's the way party politics work. They group around the nominee."

I must have missed the part where Rand "beat the establishment" and "won," given that he is a polling asterisk who has been dropped from the next GOP debate lineup, but I digress.

Rand repeated himself several times by saying that we're a "long way" away from Trump winning Iowa, as if he's still in a state of denial, but we really aren't a long way away from that happening.

Voting for the 2016 Republican nomination will begin in a little over three weeks and Donald Trump has been the national frontrunner since last Summer. It's true that Trump's lead in the early state of Iowa is not enormous and he could lose the state at the last second, but he holds a more substantial lead in New Hampshire and massive leads in southern states such as South Carolina.

This race could be over very quickly if Trump wins the first three states and Rand Paul will be stuck supporting him.

I hasten to remind you that Trump very publicly humiliated Rand on national television during the first several GOP debates, but Rand will still vote for him.

  • David Greenberg

    I’m shocked I tell you. This is the “deepest most talented field we’ve had in years”. Rubio sponsored an almost useful immigration bill and then voted against it- one example of the talent of the establishment GOP. No wonder the two major outsider a##holes lead the field. My major fear is that if HRC gets the nomination and Bernie’s supporters don’t show up to vote, it could open a window for these morons.

  • Christopher Foxx

    It’s called “standing by your principals”, JM.

    And no, that’s not a misspelling. Rand Paul has always been a principle-less wimp who falls behind whoever is in charge.

  • muselet

    Rand Paul said what every GOP candidate has said: Donald Trump is terrible and horrible and awful and divisive, and of course I’ll support him in the general election. Paul was just a wee bit more reluctant about it than the others (“Yeah, I think it would have to happen” doesn’t constitute an enthusiastic endorsement).

    I understand party loyalty. Without it, there would be no party (in the case of the Republican Party, I’m hard-pressed to see that as a negative, but I digress). However, if Paul actually believed a single word he’s said about Trump and had any personal integrity, he would have to tell the party to go on without him.

    Rand Paul is not a serious person.


    • Christopher Foxx

      I understand party loyalty. Without it, there would be no party

      True. But I’m wary of the “party uber alles” “my country right or wrong” aspect of party loyalty. Folks should be loyal to a party because that party deserves their loyalty, because it genuinely stands for and supports the principles it expounds. When a party fails in that, people should not hesitate to leave it and let it know why.

      To often those who benefit from try to tell the base that they have to be loyal to the party and use that to shaft them.

      • muselet

        Well, see the last sentence of my second paragraph. Rand Paul clearly neither means anything he’s said about Donald Trump nor has any personal integrity to speak of. We don’t really disagree.

        And, just to make the schadenfreude a little sweeter and more satisfying, Paul can’t go anywhere else. Any other party he could try to create or lead would either be too small for him to have an adequate national stage for him to cavort upon or wouldn’t have him, plus Paul needs to start thinking about his reelection campaign and party connections and fundraising have to be looking good to him about now.

        Up until now, The Base has stayed unwaveringly loyal to the GOP, in large part because the “hey, look over there!” sleight-of-hand has been successful. But the party went to the well once too often and is now faced with people who are tired of having the carrots of eliminating gays/Jebus!/putting those people in their rightful place/putting pushy broads in their rightful place/&c dangled in front of them, and are baying for blood. The Republican Party that emerges from this election cycle may very well not resemble the Republican Party as it was.

        Alas, the United States that emerges from this election cycle may not resemble the United States as it was, either.


        • Christopher Foxx

          We don’t really disagree

          Never thought we did.

  • Aynwrong

    Maybe Rand feels a sense of solidarity with Trump regarding really bad hair.

    • Draxiar

      “The Inescapable Curls of Humanity, The Flip Flop Mop Top, The Tangled Extension Cords…”

      Reference is Courtesy of the Cesca Marketing Company (ie. The B&C Show “commercials”)