Massive Deficits

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Nick Anderson)

In other news, the Washington Post reports that dozens of White House staffers still don't have permanent security clearance because they're too dirty. That includes Rob Porter, the man who was responsible for handing classified material to Trump.

Meanwhile, three Canadian solar firms have filed a lawsuit against Trump's 30 percent tax on foreign solar panels because it's a violation of NAFTA. The EU, China, South Korea, and Taiwan have also filed complaints at the WTO.

The lawsuit claims that an investigation last year by the International Trade Commission found Canadian products don’t significantly hurt U.S. manufacturers and don’t account for much of the overall imports of solar cells to the country.

The companies state that the Commission made no recommendation of tariffs on Canadian solar cells, and that the imposition of them goes against rules in NAFTA.

Finally, Trump is reportedly considering making it harder for legal immigrants to apply for permanent status or citizenship if they've ever used an assistance program like food stamps even if the assistance was for their American-born children. Fucking ghouls.

Here are some other stories I didn't get to this week:

Shareholders have filed a lawsuit against Wynn Resorts claiming the company board knew Wynn was a predator all along. Shareholders are now paying a price for the cover-up.

Nearly 3 percent of American teens now identify as transgender or non-binary, up from 0.6 percent, according to a new study published in the journal Pediatrics. A significant increase.

The European Union says it will take steps to allow businesses to continue operating in Iran if Trump unilaterally withdraws from the nuclear deal or imposes sanctions.

Cases of black lung disease in coal miners have exploded according to research published in the journal of the American Medical Association. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health saw 416 cases of the disease between 2013 and 2017, but over 150 of them were found in the last year alone.

A group of Japanese firms have told British Prime Minister Theresa May that they'll probably withdraw from the country after the Brexit.

Japanese firms have spent more than 40 billion pounds ($56 billion) in Britain, encouraged by successive governments since Margaret Thatcher promising them a business-friendly base from which to trade across the continent.

But after May and several of her top ministers met bosses from 19 Japanese businesses, including Nissan, SoftBank and bank Nomura, Japan’s ambassador to Britain issued an unusually blunt warning on the risks of trade barriers.

“If there is no profitability of continuing operations in the UK - not Japanese only - then no private company can continue operations,” Koji Tsuruoka told reporters on Downing Street when asked how real the threat was to Japanese companies of Britain not securing frictionless EU trade.

They're Making Britain Great Again.

Have a good weekend.

  • katanahamon

    The media situation is such that now there isn’t even any reporting on any organized protests on any of these topics. Maybe there isn’t any..I guess we all think this is a hunky dory time and everything is cool..Rump can suppress the Dem memo, seems like obstruction right there, I’m getting really nauseated at Rump’s America…

  • Draxiar

    Not for nothing but Hillary had a plan to help coal miners. What’s trump got…chocolate cake from Mar a Lago?

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