Matriarch of Mayhem

In the face of Elizabeth Warren's growing popularity in the race for Ted Kennedy's senate seat which is currently occupied by Senator Scott Brown, the Massachusetts Republican Party is turning to desperate measures in an attempt to smear Warren and regain the initiative.

The Massachusetts Republican Party has produced another web video targeting Elizabeth Warren, tying her in unseemly fashion to the Occupy Wall Street protests — and titling the video “Matriarch of Mayhem.”

This follows a previous state GOP video, in which they went after Warren for a past statement about financial reform in which she figuratively said she had “thrown rocks” in the debate. And like the “Throw Rocks” video, the new “Matriarch of Mayhem” video uses a lot of blur effects, to create that special scary atmosphere.

If I were in charge of the Warren campaign, I would take this supposedly-unfortunate notion that she was the inspiration for the Occupy Wall Street protests and run with it. Being tied to the movement in such a way is not a bad thing, and only the Republicans are deluded enough think so.

By the way, the "Democratic pollster" which the video quotes, Doug Schoen, is a Fox News contributor and the man who recently misrepresented the results of his own poll to paint the protesters as raging anarchists.

Matriarch of Mayhem is a great name for a metal band though. I trust some aspiring artists in the region are trademarking the name right now.

  • I love that name for a band. I can just see a bunch of women playing heavy metal, big hair wigs….Wish I could play an instrument…..I can sing….anybody (women that is) want to join me? Would Kiss like makeup be over the top? LOL

  • bphoon

    Typical GOP bullshit…but, it’s been working for them for–what, nearly 60 years now? Why try anything else, especially when you’re as intellectually lazy and bankrupt as they are?

  • You know Rachel Maddow has probably already reserved the domain name.

  • I think that ad sums up the intellectual bankruptcy of Scott Brownstain perfectly…

  • D_C_Wilson

    So, the GOP thinks that tying Warren to the OWS movement will hurt her?