John McCain

McFiction and Barbeque

The new web video from the McCain campaign (a web video from a man who doesn't quite know how to "get online" yet) claims that the corporate media is in bed with Senator Obama. Naturally, this is an hilarious bit of Rove-style fiction. A few reminders for the McBushies...

Reverend Wright around the clock for most of March.
Muslim rumors.
Osama mispronunciations.
'Lost His Bearings' Gate.

And another thing... BARBEQUE!

That's Newsweek's Holly Bailey on the swing. WEEEE! And flowers for Mrs. McCain from the Politico guys! Those old smoothies. And the rest of the very serious guest list:

Dana Bash,CNN;
Washington Post reporter Michael Shear;
Reuters' Jeff Mason;
CBS's Dante Higgins;
Newsweek's Holly Bailey;
Libby Copeland Washington Post Staff Writer;
Dan Nowicki , The Arizona Republic;
Scott Orr, Newark Star-Ledger;
Michael Cooper;
Kelly Shannon, AP;
Politico's Jonathan Martin;
Laura Meckler, WSJ;
Ana Marie Cox, TIME;
Gerald Herbert, AP;
Khue Bui, Newsweek;
Libby Quaid - AP;
Jill Zuckman - Chicago Tribune;
Sasha Issenberg - Boston Globe;
Adam Aigner - NBC;
Mosheh Oinounou - FOX;
Brett Hovell - ABC;
Tasha Diakides, CNN (bylined on blog article);
Evan Glass , CNN (bylined on blog article);
David Jackson USA Today;
Steve Hayes, Weekly Standard

Charlie Black and Phil Gramm were there, too. Maybe they were talking about how a terrorist attack against a nation of whiners would help the campaign.

Yes, the corporate media is in love with Senator Obama.

UPDATE: That video enrages me on so many levels. I forgot how awful it was. Ethical journalists would have respectfully turned down the invitation.