Meat Loaf, Should I Run for President?

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Meat Loaf, who should serve as secretary of state?

Despot-elect Donald Trump reportedly celebrated Thanksgiving at the perv den with bugged phones where he asked his guests who should serve as secretary of state.

A witness, presumably an employee or guest, did not specify which guests Trump solicited advice from, but there's a good chance he asked Fabio.

Guests joining Trump for Thanksgiving at Mar-a-Lago included Christopher Nixon Cox, the grandson of Richard Nixon, who we are told is being lined up to be Trump’s ambassador to China. Also there was Marvel Entertainment CEO Ike Perlmutter, CEO of Newsmax Media Christopher Ruddy, boxing promoter Don King, interior designer William Eubanks and political consultant Mary Ourisman. Attracting almost as much attention as the president-elect was chiseled romance-novel hunk Fabio, who was seated at a table near Trump, and “was asked for pictures nearly as often as Trump himself.”

Whether or not you believe the infamous New York Post is up to you, but nothing about this story seems implausible to me. In fact, when I first read this last night, I laughed harder than I have in weeks because it is entirely plausible. We should expect nothing less than daily embarrassment.

We are living inside a dark comedy produced by the Coen Brothers.

  • muselet

    I am simultaneously amused and horrified by the mental image of Donald Trump wandering around the dining room at Mar-A-Lago, shaking hands and asking guests who he should nominate as Secretary of State.

    It’s the sort of thing an insecure middle-school class president would do, only more pitiful.

    This is going to be a long and embarrassing four years.


  • fry1laurie

    We already have a meatloaf winning the presidency.

  • I think it has more of the feel of a Carl Hiaasen novel but maybe that’s just me. And however glad I am to see you laughing again, my own ability to laugh at things has been severely diminished.

    • David Greenberg

      Agree on both counts. Have read all of Hiassen 3x and being born in NY and living in Florida, Hiassen is a must read. He just gets it. Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything to be hopeful about since 11/8.

    • JMAshby

      It’s a coping mechanism.