Michael Cohen Will Testify In Front of Congress

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

It's all happening.

Trump's former henchman and lawyer Michael Cohen has agreed to testify in front of the House Oversight Committee next month now that Democrats control the committee.

From CNN:

Cohen has agreed to testify publicly before the panel on February 7, according to a statement to Michael Cohen. [...]

In a statement to CNN, Cohen said he agreed to testify "in furtherance of my commitment to cooperate and provide the American people with answers."

"I look forward to having the privilege of being afforded a platform with which to give a full and credible account of the events which have transpired," Cohen said.

It's far from the only reason, obviously, but this is why it was so important to install a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives.

Whatever happens with the special counsel's investigation or the investigations of federal prosecutors in Virginia and New York, there's nothing Trump can do to stop House Democrats. This is the ultimate firewall against Trump's efforts to bury investigations of himself, his campaign, and his entire criminal enterprise.

It's going to be a sight to behold.

  • Draxiar

    Looks like Leonard isn’t the only Cohen that can sing!

  • muselet

    Stock up on popcorn, kids. This could be fun.


  • Aynwrong
  • My birthday is on the 10th so it looks like I’ll be getting an early present. I’m VERY excited!!!

  • jimtowndem

    I hope he has a really really good bodyguard. 5 will get you 10 that he doesn’t live to testify.

  • Scopedog
  • Username1016

    I’m just feelin’ all yippy skippy! I know there’s a long way to go, but we are doing SO much better than we were before the 2018 midterms. There’s Nancy Pelosi, telling that bloated manchild “No” for the first time in his entitled, nasty-ass life — the contrast with spineless enabler Paul Ryan does my heart a world of good. And now there’s a SERIOUS investigation into all this skullduggery — I can’t wait to find out what went down! Yay, House Democrats! American heroes ūüôā