Conspiracy Theory

Mick Mulvaney Has a Conspiracy Theory

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

White House budget director and unhinged yokel, Mick Mulvaney, has his suspicions about the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

Mulvaney apparently believes the CBO's negative score of Trumpcare is a Democratic conspiracy.

“At some point, you’ve got to ask yourself, has the day of the CBO come and gone?” Mulvaney told the Washington Examiner Wednesday. “How much power do we give to the CBO under the 1974 Budget Act? We’re hearing now that the person in charge of the Affordable Health Care Act methodology is an alum of the Hillarycare program in the 1990s who was brought in by Democrats to score the ACA.”

It's true that CBO director Keith Hall worked at the Department of Human Services during the Clinton administration, but to say Democrats 'brought him in' is misleading.

Hall began working for the CBO in 2009, but he was chosen for the position of director by former Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price (who is currently the secretary of Health and Human Services) and he was formally appointed by Speaker Paul Ryan. Keith Hall is also a Republican. The CBO director is a Republican and he was appointed by a Republican.

By accusing the CBO of conspiracy, Mulvaney is more or less accusing mathematics of conspiracy. And this isn't necessarily complicated math. Mulvaney said the CBO's estimate that cutting over $800 billion from Medicaid will result in massive coverage losses is "absurd," but that is the nature of physical reality, isn't it? If you take something away, you have less of it. Last time I checked, if I break off two bananas from a bushel and throw them away, I now have fewer bananas. I'm pretty sure even Chimps are capable of understanding that.

Mulvaney's office could produce its own score of Republican legislation, but he hasn't done that. I suspect that's because making Trump's policies look good would require more than just a few magic asterisks and people are going to notice if you fudge the math.

It certainly didn't go unnoticed when Mulvaney counted a $2 trillion magic asterisk twice.

  • Aynwrong

    Climate change is a hoax (despite overwhelming evidence) but massive, nation wide voter fraud is happening in every election (In spite of no evidence). The unemployment numbers drop routinely under Obama and it’s another hoax. When this continues under Trump it suddenly becomes real and the credit of course goes to the dear leader.

    This isn’t just lying it’s a war on reality. This is what makes the Orwell/1984 comparisons so apt. Every time conservatives are confronted with information or results that they don’t like it’s simply a default position to immediately delegitimize the source or scream conspiracy.

    Mulvaney sounds like Steve Bannon going on & on about the “Deep State.”

  • muselet

    At least Mick Mulvaney didn’t declare the CBO analysis “fake news” as John Cornyn did.

    Instead, Mulvaney declared war on arithmetic.

    This will not end well.


  • swift_4

    When the Democrats are in power, it is common for the Republicans to cry conspiracy and “cooked books” on the CBO and the Bureau of Labor Statistics and any other non-partisan government agency.

    For him to be claiming it with Trump in the office is insane. He’s basically saying “We have the power to replace these horrible Democrat plants, but we aren’t.”

  • If it doesn’t turn out the way they like, said merging must be wrong with the messenger. This is just more of the Republican plan to destroy government. We really need to make them own this. Trump, the administration, it is their doing no lock, stock, and barrel.