Miller Concedes but Vows to Fight Anyway

Posted by JM Ashby

In what has turned out to be quite a circus not unlike Norm Coleman's fight against Al Franken in Minnesota, Joe Miller has spent the last two months fighting the election of Lisa Murkowski in Alaska by objecting to basically everything his lawyers can pull out of their ass. Joe Miller is now saying that he will no longer oppose the certification of the election of Murkowski but he will keep fighting the state anyway.

In papers filed in federal court Monday, Miller says he doesn't object to state certification of the November election results, which show his rival, fellow Republican Lisa Murkowski, winning.

But Miller isn't entirely giving up. His attorneys asked U.S. District Judge Ralph Beistline to keep alive his options – including a possible recount or election contest – once "all appeals have been exhausted."

Other than forcing the state to needlessly spend more taxpayer dollars defending the election results, I can't see what his objective is short of delegitimizing the state's ability to carry-out an election. Isn't Miller a supposed strict constitutionalist?