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Minimum Wage


Artist — Mike Keefe


In other goings on, Bill Maher tries to help promote the Affordable Care Act.

Pastor Jamie Coots, a rising star of National Geographic’s “Snake Salvation,” died on Saturday from complications resulting from a snakebite he received from serpent Jesus at his Pentecostal church in Kentucky. Evidently, he refused medical care when a team of paramedics came to his house to save his life. Of course he did.

Well wishes and speedy recovery for Ashby after injuring one of his best arms yesterday in a battle against gravity. Gravity will be missed.

  • Nefercat

    Coots complaining to The Lord: “I thought you would always protect me, Lord.”

    God: “I did protect you, Mr. Coots. I gave you common sense and you kicked it the corner and went off to play with snakes, for Christ’s sake. Then I sent paramedics, and you refused their help. Jesus, I’m God, and apparently even I can’t fix stupid.”

    • Kitty Smith

      Reminds me of the joke about a religious man in a flood.

      A religious man is caught in a flood, and manages to find some high ground, but the water’s quickly rising. A few minutes later, a helicopter comes by and calls to him, but he waves them off, saying “The Lord will save me.” The helicopter leaves, and the water keeps rising until it’s up to his toes. Another helicopter comes by, and the pilot calls to the man, but he waves him off like the last, saying “The Lord will save me.”

      Well, soon after the helicopter leaves, he gets washed away into the flood and drowns. In heaven, he meets with God and asks, “Lord, I thought you would save me! Why didn’t you save me?”

      And God says, “I sent two helicopters to you, what more did you want?”

  • muselet

    Stories like that one remind me of a repeated line from Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle’s Oath of Fealty: Think of it as evolution in action.


  • D_C_Wilson

    How many snake handlers have to die of snake bites before people realize that being religious doesn’t give you superpowers?

  • Ipecac

    Coots’ tombstone should read, “Some people are too stupid to live.”