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Mississippi Governor Signs Bills to Ban Abortions and Allow Guns in Churches

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant is on a roll.

Just a few days after signing the state's anti-LGBT "religious liberty" law, Governor Bryant has also signed a bill to ban certain abortion procedures.

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Mississippi's governor has signed into law a ban on a commonly used second-trimester abortion procedure, setting the state up for a possible legal challenge.

Gov. Phil Bryant signed the law Friday that outlaws a procedure called "dilation and evacuation" unless it is necessary to prevent a woman's irreversible physical impairment.

Meanwhile, Governor Bryant has also signed a bill that allows churchgoers to carry guns without a permit. You know, just in case they might need to kill someone.

The Church Protection Act specifies that those designated can carry guns into church buildings. It also allows people to carry holstered weapons without a permit. [...]

The Mississippi Association of Police Chiefs has opposed the portion of the bill that loosens permit requirements. The group says it dismantles Mississippi's licensing system and makes it harder to check someone who has a gun isn't a violent criminal.

I must have missed the gospel that calls for arming worshipers to kill while banning certain medical procedures in the name of life.

In Free Market Jesus's name, amen.

  • gescove

    WWJS – Who Would Jesus Shoot? Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition!

  • gescove

    What happens to a hypothetical couple where the husband accidently shoots the wife in church while holstering his gun and causes her to spontaneously abort her early second trimester fetus?

  • Victor the Crab

    – Pass gay bashing “Liberty law”: CHECK!

    – Pass even more stringent anti abortion laws?: CHECK!

    – Allow guns and other firearms into churches?: CHECK!

    Phil Bryant just completed the trifecta of asshat fuckery for his state of Mississippi.

  • muselet

    I’m curious. Precisely how much medical education do Phil Bryant and the legislators who wrote and passed the ban on D&E abortions have? Also, do these folks believe there’s no better use of public money—you know, taxpayers’ money!—than defending this restriction in court (and probably losing, repeatedly)?

    TPM commenter “pshah”:

    Amazing how a black church is victimized by an out and out racist….and the white churches claim to feel threatened.

    Entirely too true.

    Two more reasons to stay as far away from Mississippi as I can.


  • ninjaf

    If you have to fear being shot down in church, perhaps you need a new religion?

    And if your fear is the persecution and martyrdom while your are worshipping, think of it this way: It must be the Lord’s will and you should not question it. Using your gun would make you an instrument of Satan because you are defying God’s will. And if an omnipotent God can’t protect you in a house built in his honor where you are there to literally sing his praises, what makes you think that you can?