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In other news, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, which represents General Motors, Volkswagen and Toyota, told the Commerce Department that Trump's upcoming tariffs on cars and parts will cost American consumers $83 billion per year.

Meanwhile, Ohio State University says 100 former students have provided firsthand accounts of sexual abuse by former school physician Richard Strauss. Freedom Caucus Rep. Jim Jordan (R) continues to deny that he knew anything about it while he was an assistant coach at Ohio State, but former wrestlers say he knew all about it.

Finally, Buzzfeed has a big story on the Americans who secretly directed the teams of Macedonian fake news writers first reported on by Buzzfeed back in 2016. This story is far too big and wild to adequately summarize here so I recommended reading it for yourself.

Authorities in Macedonia are reportedly cooperating with law enforcement in Europe and possibly special prosecutor Robert Mueller's office because one of the Russian indicted by Mueller may have been behind the fake news websites.

The investigation also reveals that at least one member of Russia’s “troll factory,” who has been indicted by US special counsel Robert Mueller for alleged interference in the election, was in Macedonia just three months before the web domain for the country’s first US-focused politics site was registered.

Reporters did not find any evidence connecting the Russian, Anna Bogacheva, to the Veles sites. Arsov denies any links to Russia.

But now Macedonian security agencies are cooperating with law enforcement in the United States and at least two Western European countries to probe possible links between Russians, US citizens, and the pro-Trump “fake news” websites, two senior Macedonian officials said.

  • Badgerite

    How in the world does Kirstjen Nielsen, the current head of Homeland Security, square her recent statements that the Russian actions in the 2016 election were not exclusively focused on getting trump in the Oval Office with the information on the Macedonia troll farms that Special Counsel Mueller is compiling and that the Buzzfeed article tells of? Hundreds of sites devoted to putting out posts favorable to trump and damaging to Clinton and engaging in publication of false stories to do so? How is that a neutral stance only designed to “sow confusion”. There is no doubt that Russian intelligence mounted a full scale operation to get trump into the White House violating all kinds of elections laws and other laws of the United States.
    I think it is also going to become apparent that at least a faction of the gop conspired to do this as well and are now conspiring to obstruct the enforcement of any legal standards on the Americans who were involved in this conspiracy to defraud the American public.

    • katanahamon
      • Badgerite

        I wish it were just comedy. Seems a little bit true. They literally took a 10 years old girl with cerebral palsy from a hospital to a detention center, separated from her parents and family. Who does that?

    • ninjaf

      Let’s not forget the Putin confirmed at the press conference in Helsinki that he did this.

      • Badgerite

        That, in itself, invalidates the trump as being legitimately elected. Really, it is as if a defendant was shown to have bribed a juror, who took the money, but somehow one is supposed to believe that the acceptance of the money didn’t mean anything. It sure as hell does mean something.
        This isn’t “liberty and justice for all.”. This is government “of the party, by the party, for the party.” A pretense of democracy will not substitute for the real thing. And we will not accept that it does. FFFFFFFF trump and the gop.

  • muselet

    It’s been one of those weeks, so …


  • Aynwrong

    Every accusation a Republican ever hurled at liberals and Democrats questioning they’re/our patriotism is what they’re all guilty of.

    Every. Single. Republican. All of them.

    • ninjaf

      Typical Republican projection.

  • Victor the Crab

    I hope Jim Jordan falls hard and squarely face first from this sex scandal. So hard that it leaves him metaphorically crippled for the rest of his miserable life. He is truly a piece of shit.