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Mitch McConnell is Confident They Can Steal the Nomination From Trump

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) spoke to local ABC affiliate WHAS11 in Louisville, Kentucky where he apparently said he's confidant that a nominee will not be chosen on the first ballot at the GOP convention in Cleveland.

Just because Donald Trump does not win on the first ballot doesn't necessarily mean he couldn't win on the second or even third ballot, but if we're being real that is clearly not what McConnell is intimating.

“It is important for everyone to understand that the convention rules will require you to get 1,237 delegate votes and until one gets to 1,237 they will not be the nominee,” McConnell said.

He did not name the candidate but said one appears to be “suggesting that it’s somehow tricky to simply follow the rules of the convention.”

It may not technically be "tricky" to nominate someone else if the frontrunner doesn't reach the magic number of delegates, but the party would still be in the position of nominating someone who received significantly less votes and delegates than the frontrunner. They could theoretically nominate someone who has received no votes and no delegates.

There's no doubt in my mind Trump will burn the party to the ground if they deny him the nomination especially if he sweeps the next couple primaries beginning with New York tomorrow. His ego won't allow for anything else and the people who've voted for him would be justifiably angry.

Democratic voters would also be angry if their frontrunner who has received significantly more votes and delegates than the next closest rival was denied the nomination.

Trump voters may be supporting him for terrible reasons, but that is their right and a majority of Republicans have voted for Trump.

Handing the GOP nomination to someone else could be really bad for the entire country, not just the GOP. What little confidence there is in public institutions could crumble and that has ramifications for everyone.

  • What little confidence there is in public institutions could crumble and that has ramifications for everyone.

    However, those who support Trump often say one of the main reasons they are doing so is precisely because he has not been part of those public institutions. It won’t lessen their confidence because it was nil to begin with.

  • swift_4

    McConnell is touting the rules. But one of the rules says that only a candidate who has outright won some number of states (5?) can be the nominee. That means if it isn’t Trump, it can only be Cruz.

    Unless when the rules committee gets together they decide to make a few…adjustments. Please…Please…make the shitshow happen, rules committee. I’m begging.

    • Reince Preibus (sp?) said in an interview the other day that he thought now was NOT the time for the rules committee to be making changes (as if they were considering or doing just that). I suspect he would rather let Trump win than let the party implode.

  • muselet

    I don’t know, Ashby.

    The party rules say pretty clearly that the nominee will be the person who gets the majority of the delegates, not a plurality. If Donald Trump and his voters can’t be bothered to learn that little detail, tough.

    I don’t honestly think Trump’s losing the nomination would destroy confidence in public institutions in general. Destroy confidence in the GOP (at least among Trump supporters), though, absolutely. Digby took a look at the polling (almost two-thirds of Republican voters want the nominee to be the candidate with the plurality of delegates if no one has a majority) and said this:

    I just don’t see how they get around this. People don’t understand that this is like sudden-death overtime and the game begins again under different rules if someone doesn’t win on the first ballot.

    But what are the going to do?

    The lesson will be that having tantrums, complaining about unfairness, holding your breath until you turn blue, threatening violence if you don’t get your way — that’s how we’ll make America great again!

    Personally, I think that would be more destructive than denying Trump the nomination under the rules Trump never troubled himself to look at.

    It’s going to be bad for the country no matter what happens with the short-fingered vulgarian.


    • Drumpf is the turd floating in the pool, ruining it for everyone else.

  • Groundloop

    If Drumpf doesn’t clear the 1,237 delegate threshold before the convention, and he loses the nomination on a second ballot, he’ll have nobody to blame but himself:

    “A Trump adviser trashed the campaign’s delegate strategy on Facebook, and wrote that when he tried to improve things, top Trump aide Michael Glassner responded by saying the following:

    ‘Mr. Trump doesn’t understand how delegates work, so we are leaving that issue alone right now.’

    If true, this is an astonishing admission of ignorance about the basic facts of the presidential nomination process. And essentially everything that’s come out since seems to corroborate that the Trump campaign has been either apathetic about or incompetent at the delegate selection game.”

    Not that he, or his minions would accept that of course. The “system” only looks rigged if you never bothered to learn how it works, or more importantly, have staff in place that do understand how it works and will go to the endless meetings that determine who the delegates actually are.