Mmmmm. Antibiotic Resistant Meat Infections.

Mother Jones reports on the disgusting condition of our factory farmed meat:

Here is a document the USDA doesn't want you to see. It's what the agency calls a "technical review"—nothing more than a USDA-contracted researcher's simple, blunt summary of recent academic findings on the growing problem of antibiotic-resistant infections and their link with factory animal farms. The topic is a serious one. A single antibiotic-resistant pathogen, MRSA—just one of many now circulating among Americans—now claims more lives each year than AIDS.

Imagine all of the lost healthcare revenue if they actually gave us well-produced, clean meats that didn't kill us.

Good morning!

  • Dan_in_DE

    The German magazine Scinexx explains – lacing the feed with antibiotics is like doping for farm animals. They grow faster with less food. The industry sees it as a rather profitable way to stretch their feed. It’s so common, in fact, that 80% of antibiotics produced in the EU goes to animal feed.

    Only Finnland, Denmark and Sweden have forbidden the practice.

  • That entire industry is disgusting.

  • trgahan

    It was said by somone much smarter than me, but “Cheap food isn’t cheap.” Especially when your talking about animal products.