Sarah Palin

Moran Timebomb

Posted by Redmond

While the leftnutbaggers devour Barack Obama for not firing an organic utopia of free marijuana and health care out of his armpits on Day 1, they should be aware that the moron bullet the nation dodged in 2008 is waiting in the wings for a presidential run. Of course, any sane person would assume quitting her gubernatorial position to cash in on book deals would've doomed Sarah Palin's political career, but never underestimate the American propensity for dumb. Via Matt Taibbi:

Palin’s paranoid ramblings and self-pitying tantrums on the way out of office not only didn’t injure her chances for national office, they actually appeared to help, as polls taken in the week after her resignation showed that 71% of Republicans were now prepared to vote for her for president in 2012. Just as she had during the campaign last fall, Palin defied rational analysis by making a primal connection with the subterranean resentments of white middle America, which is apparently so pissed off now at the rest of the planet for not coddling its hurt feelings in the multicultural age that it is willing to embrace any politician who validates its insane sense of fucked-overness.

Granted, this is from an unpublished piece just after her resignation it still rings true among the xenophobic, crazier-by-the-minute GOP base. Also, Shannyn Moore points out that Sarah Palin is out there robocalling and waiting to take credit for any teabagger wins today like some sort of undying, lowest common denominator Terminator.

Could a divided Democratic Party and an increasing testicle-themed grip on the GOP be the perfect storm for a Palin presidency? It's hard to say until today's election results are in, but should Obama continue to be attacked for not being the Ultra-Progressive John Rambo he never promised to be, we might be looking at a "Battle of the Fringes" come 2012 which could easily digress into a coin-toss for the White House. That said, let me know how health care reform thrives under an administration who thinks the King James and a Tylenol should replace Medicare.

[Redmond's Note: This post is not meant as a tacit Obama love-fest - I've got my pet causes, too *cough*Geithner*cough*. It's more of a reminder that a ticking timebomb of winking jingoism is primed to detonate our asses back into the Dark Ages at a moment's notice. An FYI if you will.]

Adding... You could also file this post under "Why Voting for Kucinich in 2012 is a HORRIBLE Idea." Don't get me wrong, I agree with the guy on a majority of issues but realistically he's just not electable and I prefer casting votes that won't land the GOP back in the White House. That's just me.